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Tea Meditation: Breathe And Purify Your Mind

Tea Meditation- Breathe And Purify Your Mind - Gabriela Green Blog -

Welcome back to another tea meditation to help you breathe and purify your mind.
I am happy that you are here for this meditation which will help you clear your thoughts and purify your mind. This time, we will focus on purifying your thoughts using the power of nature.

Tea meditation:  Breathe And Purify Your Mind

Take your time and allow yourself to just slow down. This meditation will make your mind feel more clear and purified. You will let go of all the cluttering thoughts you might hold.


Prepare your favourite tea and let the tea ritual be your introduction to the calm, meditative state. Be there for your tea while you are preparing it. Be aware of every single move. Smell the dried leaves, hear the boiling water, watch how the water changes color.

With these small actions you are activating your senses and you become aware of all of them. You are slowly stepping inside the tea meditation.

Having your freshly brewed cup of tea with you, relax and feel the warmth it emanates. Slowly close your eyes and start focusing on your breath.

Inhale for 4 seconds.

Hold for 3 seconds.

Exhale for 6 seconds.

Repeat this 10 times.


While you are slowly starting to focus just on the present moment, imagine that you are in your favourite place in the middle of the nature. Feel the fresh air on your skin. Listen to the sounds around you, the birds singing. Feel the smell of grass and the smell of your freshly brewed cup of tea. Your tea is there to keep you connected to the present moment.

Keep inhaling for 4 seconds, hold for 3 seconds and exhale for 6 seconds. When you breathe in the fresh air, imagine a pure energy filling your entire body. Hold your breath for 3-4 seconds and imagine all the thoughts that you want to let go. While exhaling, imagine how they are slowly disappearing from your mind.


Repeat this few times and feel how, with each exhalation, your mind becomes more clear. Each deep breath brings in the fresh air which helps purifying any of your unwanted thoughts.
Now you feel surrounded by calm and the nature feels more welcoming than ever. Your favourite place in the nature embraces your presence and allows you to fully relax into the moment.

Be grateful, thank the nature for providing you the mind space for this meditation. Enjoy the purified state of mind. Let the clean, fresh air fill you with positive thoughts and positive energy.

Now that your mind is clear and calm and you feel again the smell of your freshly brewed tea. You are slowly coming back to the present moment, where your cup of tea is waiting for you.

Your body and mind are now cleared of any unwanted thoughts and feelings.

Having a calm and purified mind, you can deeply enjoy your tea-cup and make the best of your day.

Try the audio versions of these tea meditations:

Audio tea meditation

Audio tea meditation

Tea Meditation steps

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Tea Meditation- Breathe And Purify Your Mind - Gabriela Green Blog -


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