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5 Valuable Tips To Help You Get Better At Stress Relief

5 Valuable Tips To Help You Get Better At Stress Relief (1)

Getting better at stress relief can get you to a calmer mind and a less hectic life.
Stress can affect us in many ways and sometimes we might even be aware of all the symptoms. A few common stress symptoms are anxiousness both mentally and physically, anger, impatience, illness.

It doesn’t take a lot of effort and time but you definitely need to start somewhere if you want to get better at this game and to achieve a stress-free lifestyle.

Stress Score

So, how stressed do you feel in your daily life?

Can you asses your current situation from 1 to 10 (10 being very stressed)?

Decide where you are right now and write down your personal stress score.

By the end of this article, you will have a plan on how to reduce your stress score with a least 1-2 levels.

Let’s see how to do this!

Five Valuable Tips To Help You Get Better At Stress Relief

These stress relief techniques will quickly put you in a better state of mind in a matter of minutes. It can be easier than you might think and no, it does not take long.

1. Let Go – Do not overthink

No matter how much you feel the need to hold on tight to the thoughts which are bringing you negative feelings, you already know the solution to that. It is simple but not easy.

Letting go of the things which are not bringing us happiness is the best thing we can do to raise our vibration and feel good in our own body and mind.
There are different ways to learn to let go but in the end, they all lead to the same point: you deciding to not hold on to it anymore. You will feel lighter, relieved and happy that you decided to take the step.

To guide you on the journey of letting go, you can follow my tea meditation Let go and Free your Mind.

2. Breathe – Clear your mind

Breathing techniques are simple yet powerful ways of bringing you to the present moment. By practicing deep breathing, you can calm down your mind, reduce physical anxiety and nervousness.

Breathe and Purify your mind with my guided tea meditation.

3. Look inside – Tune in to your body

Your body will always try to tell you if something is wrong or if there something that you can improve. All we have to do is tune in and pay attention to what the body is telling us.

Listening to any craving, pain, will help you understand better what is happening inside. Give your body a calm and relaxing moment with a hot bath or shower, meditate, do a light stretch, nourish your body with healthy food.

4. Listen – To your favorite music

We all have some type of favorite music that we enjoy listening to. No matter what that music is, when you listen to it, it can help with stress relief and it can easily calm down.

Doing something you enjoy, like listening to music an take your mind off the stressful things. It would actually bring you to the present moment without any effort. Because you are listening to something you like, you are focused on the present moment and it will pause your other thoughts for a few moments. That is one easy but important step to take for reducing stress.

5. Be Grateful – Find 5 reasons you are grateful for

You might not know what to be grateful for right now, but don’t worry! I will help you with this by giving you a bunch of examples below and even a printable to keep on your desk.
Being grateful can put you in a better state of mind because you are focusing on the good and positive things in life. Your vibration is increased and you might even forget for a short time about the things which were bothering you a few minutes ago.

Here a few ideas for what to be grateful for:

  • The air you are breathing
  • Find something you see that makes you happy
  • Your body
  • The roof over your head
  • Your inner child
  • You have access to clean water
  • The sky above
  • You have access to the internet
  • Mistakes that taught you how to be a better person
  • The gift of reading
  • You have access to knowledge
  • The fact that you are alive and present in this moment right now
  • The blood that runs through your veins
  • Appreciate your health and fight for improving it
  • The authors of your favorite books
  • Something that made you smile today
  • Your relatives
  • Having the option to take decisions and choose your path in life

Read the full list of 50 reasons to be grateful for and learn more about gratitude

Write down 5 reasons you personally feel grateful for in the present moment.

Stress Relief Plan

Now that you found out how you can get better at relieving stress, you can make a plan on how to tackle this. Introducing stress-free activities in your daily life is the first step you can take.
To make your plan, follow these 3 simple steps:

  • Pick one of the above tips and choose to apply it every day for the next 7 days.
  • Pick a time of the day that would be the most convenient for you to do this.
  • You can even put it on your calendar to get a reminder.

I have a free guide below on how to relieve stress, with 30+ mindfulness activities that take less than one minute each, a worksheet and some bonuses!
You can also help reducing stress using natural stress relief methods like essential oils, aromatherapy, herbal tea.
Get even better at stress relieve and grab the guide and start using it today!


Gabriela Green

5 Valuable Tips To Help You Get Better At Stress Relief _ (2)

5 Valuable Tips To Help You Get Better At Stress Relief _ (2)
5 awesome tips to get better at stress relief
5 Valuable Tips To Help You Get Better At Stress Relief _ (2)


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