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Tea meditation: how to be more balanced

Tea meditation_ how to be more balanced

Welcome to my tea meditation, which will show you how to be more balanced. This meditation will guide you to rediscover your inner strength and balance using elements from the nature. Your cup of tea will help you again reconnect your body and mind and create an even stronger bond than they had before.

Tea meditation

Start by preparing your cup of tea and be present in the moment for every single step of the process.

Gently pour the water into your kettle.

Touch the tea leaves and thank the nature for making it possible for you to hold them now.

Think about all the people who contributed to your tea and be grateful, thank them all for the effort.

Imagine all the fields where the tea is growing, in the lovely warm sunlight and watered by the rain falling from the fluffy clouds.

Hear the water from your kettle swirling around as it is bubbling and boiling.

Take few deep breaths and anticipate the warmth of the tea that you are just preparing now.

Gently pour the hot water on the crispy dried tea leaves and them infuse for few minutes. Watch the leaves dancing freely in the water and slowly releasing their color and benefits, transforming the water into a nourishing tea.

Smile and feel the joy this short moment brings to your life. The tea you just prepared is your gateway to your soul. It is more powerful than you imagine and will guide you now to find your inner balance.

Breathe deeply

Close your eyes and take few deep breaths to help your body and mind relax. Try to release all your thoughts and clear your mind. Do not get caught in any of the thoughts that will come to you. Just observe it and slowly release it from your mind.

With every breath let the calm energy flow through your body and exhale any tension you might feel.

Fully relax into the moment.

We might have moments when life is rolling over us in unexpected ways. During those times you need to find your inner balance, which will help you be still and experience any emotion that you have to go through.

You are stronger than you think you are. To help you discover that, you need to start by feeling grounded. Try to let go of all the thoughts that found a shelter now in your mind.

By letting go, you will feel much lighter and the weight of your thoughts will not pull you down anymore. You will slowly start to find the balance inside your mind, which will slowly bring balance to your emotions and body.

You will feel empowered by an intense energy from within, which in time will help you get stronger, both mentally and physically.


Remember the green fields of tea and the nature surrounding them. They are all calm and patient under the blue sky, painted with scattered clouds. The clean fresh air is surrounding them.

The nature is an example of peace and balance. The leaves of the trees are never impatient and they are welcoming every moment that comes into their day. It takes them months to grow and to unravel their bright green color under the warm sun.

The wind is gently blowing and slowly touching the plants and the trees on its way. On days like these, the trees are standing tall and strongly grounded with their deep roots. Even when the wind gets stronger, they are still and balanced as long as their roots are strong enough.

Following the nature’s example, choose to be balance no matter what is happening to you in life. Be wise and balanced like a tree in the wind.

Learn when to bend and when to be strong. Find your balance from the inside and slowly imagine growing deep and strong roots. Connect yourself to mother nature and feel the relation between you. You are part of the universe and we are all here to live together in harmony.

As the tea meditation is closely coming to an end, embrace the warm feeling of being calm and balanced and slowly come back to your cup of tea.

You can now nurture your body with the benefits of your freshly brewed tea and continue your day with a peaceful and balanced mind.

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