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Tea Meditation: Find Peace In Autumn

Autumn Tea Meditation - Gabriela Green Blog -

I can almost feel the smell of the autumn in the air. This season goes perfectly with a warm cup of tea which can help you find peace in autumn. I have to admit that this is my favourite season of all. You can layer your clothes and wear scarves and the nature is so colourful and beautiful! I am getting a big smile on my face just thinking about it.

I guess you can already feel my excitement about everything that autumn involves. Don’t be afraid of cold and rain. You can think about it like this: the nature is making itself a nice cup of tea out of the dried leaves out there, using the rain water. Now you probably understand better the lovely autumn feeling.

Tea Meditation : Find Peace in Autumn

You can now prepare for a warming tea meditation to introduce you to the autumn season. As usual, mindfully prepare your tea-cup, your strainer, tea and the boiling water. The ritual will put in the frame of a relaxation moment.

While you put the tea leaves in the strainer, feel their texture, hear the sound they make in your hand. It will remind you of the sound of the dry leaves crumbling under your feet. You have the nature in your hand and soon it will nurture and warm up your body from the inside.

I am always amazed whenever I have an autumn scenery in front of me. I feel like the nature loves us and it shows its most beautiful colours. Only thinking about a walk in the forest through the crunchy leaves, makes me smile. The sun coming in through the tree branches and illuminating the entire atmosphere.

Oh and the smells are amazing! I can always identify the specific smell of autumn. Maybe you don’t know what the autumn smell is or you never thought of it. Imagine the cold air with a bit of smoky tint and the sun shining shyly through the clouds. Doesn’t this make the perfect air to surround you in the autumn?

Take a deep breath  and just relax into the moment. Let go of any thoughts you might have and be here, now.
Breath-in slowly and imagine how the cold crisp autumn air is purifying your body. Let it come in and relax each part of your body with every exhalation. You can already feel the pleasant brisk air on your face and in your nostrils. It feels invigorating and it awakens your senses.

Autumn in the nature

The best place for this meditation would be in the middle of the nature, but don’t worry, close your eyes and we can re-create the nature with the power of mind.
Hold your warm cup of tea closer and let it warm up your hands. Enjoy the tea smell around you and smile in anticipation of the taste.

Close your eyes and imagine an autumn forest surrounding you. Hear the wind through the trees and the smell of dry leaves. Be still and just listen to everything around. Some birds are far away in the trees, and you can barely hear them. It is quiet and the nature is embracing your presence with warm sun-rays through the branches.

Do you have any happy memories regarding autumn? Maybe from when you were a child? Jumping in a pile of dried leaves or just running around the garden and being happy for all the fresh fruits you can eat. This season makes a beautiful transition from the hot summer to the snowy winter.

Next time you are around trees in the autumn, look around for dried leaves. Pick up one and hold it for a while. Look at it and admire the colours. It is beautiful in every detail and it is there to announce the autumn and to make an exquisite exit from the role it played so far.

Remember the coloured leaves and how they can make you smile. Try to make the same impression on all the people around you. Wherever you go , let them know your beautiful and colourful soul. Follow your path and don’t be affected by the people ignoring your colours.
You are not here for them, you are here for yourself and you are beautiful.

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Autumn Tea Meditation - Gabriela Green -


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