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Tea meditation: inner calm and happiness

Tea meditation inner calm and happiness

Today I will guide you through a 5 minutes tea meditation which will help you grow your inner calm and happiness. It will bring you a smile on your face and will make you feel more relaxed.


Grab your cup of hot tea and go to your favorite place in your house. If you are at work, just sit back in your chair at the desk. Smell the subtle flavor of tea and feel the warmth on your face. Breath in the warm steam and let it fill your lungs and your body with warm feelings. Hold it in for a while and breath it out slowly together with any negative energies or tension.


Close your eyes (just for the deep breathing) while still holding on to the teacup on your desk or in your lap and take 3 full deep breaths. Be present and aware of each breathing step. If you can’t close your eyes now, you can just do it with your eyes open.

If the cup is too hot, just hoover your hands above it or get really close to it but without touching it. Feel


You can feel your chest filling with positive energy and you imagine the taste of the tea.
Stay like this and take few more deep breaths. Every time you breathe in you will feel more of the warm energy circulating through your body. If you have any pain, try to concentrate all the healing energy to that point. With every deep exhalation,  let it relax.


If you feel tense imagine breathing out the tension accumulated throughout the body. Anticipate the small pleasure you will get with every sip of tea.

Take the mug and bring it close to your mouth, smell the tea and take a small sip. Let it warm your mouth and let it flow through your throat and stomach. Repeat this few more times and you will start feeling the warm energy coming from inside and flowing everywhere in your body.

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Relax and smile

With every small sip you take, think about some of the benefits of the tea you have in front of you now. It is such an easy thing to drink which helps your body and brings various benefits to your health. Once you are drinking it and it gets inside your body, it will start spreading its goodness.
The nutrients, the antioxidants, the vitamins are all feeding your inner mechanism. They are giving you the benefits of the nature that is surrounding us in a pure form.
Your health is tightly related to your state of mind. Feeling relaxed and calm helps focusing the energy for a better scope. Take a slow deep breath and imagine the oxygen feeding your body and nourishing it. Let the feeling of calm slowly grow inside you and let it put a slight smile on your face. With every deep breath you take, enjoy the smile and let it grow. Let it bring you only positive thoughts, let it bring you love.

Self love

No matter how you felt at the beginning of this meditation, let the calmness fill your body and be good to yourself. Tell yourself how much you appreciate who and how you are. Remember that you are unique and nobody else can be you. Aim for being the best version of you at any time and do not judge yourself if you don’t reach your expectations.

The tea in front of you is slowly disappearing and becoming healing energy for your body. Everything we eat or drink does that to our body and it depends on us if we feed good or harmful energies.
Take few more deep breaths and enjoy the feeling of calm. Let this guide you through the rest of the day and thank yourself for this 5 minute gift you just offered to your soul.
As the meditation ends, slowly finish your cup of tea and visualize how you would like to continue the day in front of you and don’t forget to smile.


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Tea meditation Inner calm and happiness |



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  • Jennifer

    This is lovely! Thank you for sharing. 🙂

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      Thank you, Jennifer! I am happy you liked it

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