5 Natural Detox Teas and Their Benefits

5 Natural Detox Teas and Their Benefits

In modern daily life, our bodies are exposed to all kinds of impurities and toxins. A great natural way to fight these, are the detox teas. Detox teas contain antioxidants and are packed with benefits. They help the digestive system to cleanse the impurities and toxins.

There are many types of detox teas on the market. You will find below a list of 5 herbal teas, which you can use for making tea with detoxifying properties.

We will focus only on the benefits and properties of the plants. Ideally you can look for bio herbs in order to avoid the pesticides and other substances.

5 Natural Detox Teas and their benefits

1. Dandelion tea

Dandelion tea helps eliminate toxins from your organism.
This small plant has strong detox effects. Every part of the dandelion helps eliminating toxins and increases your metabolism.
It helps reducing water retention and it is successfully used for treating skin and digestive problems.
It is rich in vitamins and minerals and helps fighting free radicals.

Dandelion tea benefits:

Dandelion tea can be used to help with reducing and treating the following:
– Acne, eczema and other skin problems
– Constipation
– Rheumatism
– Hepatitis and liver problems
– Food poisoning
– Blood circulation
– General tonic for body

2. Cinnamon tea

Cinnamon is a really popular spice and it contains various active components like essential oils, tannin. It is mostly known as a spice and not as a tea ingredient. It has

Cinnamon tea benefits:

Cinnamon helps with the following:
– Antioxidant
– Anti-inflammatory
– Anti diabetic
– Immune system booster
– Cold and flu
– Indigestion

Read more about the cinnamon tea benefits here.

3. Ginger tea

Ginger tea has been used for ages in the Ayurvedic medicine. It helps fighting indigestion, detox, migraines, colds and more. Ginger is rich in potassium, zinc, calcium, copper, magnesium and vitamins. It also contains essential oils, which act like a general tonic, and gets rid of the toxins accumulated in your body.

Ginger tea benefits:

– Detoxifying
– Helps digestion
– Fortifies your immune system
– Fights cold and flu
– Energizing effect
– Reduces stress

To boost the detoxifying effect of the ginger tea, you can add some lemon slices in it. On top of these, ginger is packed with many other benefits for your body and you can read more here: 11 Powerful Ginger Tea Benefits For Your Health

4. Green tea

Green tea comes from the plant Camellia Sinesis and it is known for its various benefits. People are using green tea for detoxifying the body and weight loss due to its high content of antioxidants, tannin and flavonoids.

Green tea benefits:

– The content of antioxidants and vitamin E help slowing down the aging
– Helps the immune system
– Improves the digestive system
– Weight loss
– Can replace coffee

Go here if you want to find out more amazing benefits of Green Tea

5. Nettle tea

Nettle tea can be a great boost for your body every spring, when your body needs a higher intake of vitamins and nutrients to recover from them wintertime. It is a great source of iron and it helps to detoxify your body.

Nettle tea benefits:

– Cleaning your body from toxins
– Helps the immune system
– Ameliorates skin problems
– Packed with nutrients and vitamins
– Strong diuretic

Read more about the nettle tea benefits and how to prepare it, in my post here.

Natural Detox Herbal Teas:

  • Dandelion tea
  • Cinnamon tea
  • Ginger tea
  • Green tea
  • Nettle tea


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5 Natural Detox Teas and Their Benefits_


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