11 Things To Let Go To Increase Your Happiness

11 things to let go to increase your happiness

We live surrounded by technology and our lives tend to become very hectic nowadays. In an era where we always feel like we are in a rush, things might overwhelm us and we forget how to be happy. Here you will find some ideas for things to let go to increase your happiness level.

Letting go is easier said than done. You might already know that it is good for you to just let go of things that do not serve you anymore but how can you do this?

It takes a lot of practice but in time you can learn how good you will feel if you can let go of things that are bringing negative energies and thoughts in your life. You can start with small steps and slowly you will see that it does become easier.
You can learn to let go of both physical and mental things and below you will find some examples.

Become happier day by day by if you learn how to not include these things in your life.

Things To Let Go To Increase Your Happiness

1. Clutter

Being surrounded by too many things can give you a feeling of discomfort and you could also feel like you can not really focus properly.
We tend to buy on impulse or as a substitute for solving certain issues we might have. On the spot, we might be feeling good, but over time this habit can just make our space and mind feel cluttered.
Try to let go of things you own that no longer serve you anymore and allow more space in your life. Give your self-space so your mind can finally rest and make you feel more calm and happy.

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2. Thoughts

Similar to the clutter created by physical objects, thoughts can also clutter your mind. Having too many ideas and thoughts in the back of your mind will just make it difficult for you to focus on the meaningful things.
Try to organize them, write them down and find out which ones are truly a priority for you and then take them one by one.

3. Worries

Being worried all the time will certainly affect the way you feel. Try to induce yourself a positive mindset and learn that worrying does not solve anything but it can make you feel worse and it can even affect your health.
Let go of worries and welcome the experiences coming your way. They are usually there to teach you something, to help you become wiser.

4. Crowded agenda

Overwhelming your to-do list with lots of tasks will not make you more productive. As mentioned earlier try to have in front of you just a few tasks which are indeed a priority for you. Try to not ask for too much from yourself and do not set up unrealistic expectations. Doing this and not achieving them will only put you down.
Let go of endless task lists and set some limit for yourself which will work for you. You can try to say that every day you can only put 3 things on your to-do list and nothing more.
Seeing that you actually accomplish everything you planned for will give you a good feeling and will definitely increase your happiness and your self-confidence.

5. Making everyone happy

This is something that many of us try to do and successfully fail at it. You can never make everyone happy. We are all different and there will always be someone out there who will not agree with you.
Just be true to yourself and to your values, trust that you are doing the best you see fit for the moment and let go of trying to make everyone happy

6. Self-criticism

We already know that we can be our worst judges and we can be very harsh with ourselves.
Self-criticism and setting very expectations can really lower your self-esteem and this is a very important part of yourself of which need to take care.
Be kind and treat yourself as you would treat your best friend. Do not blame yourself for mistakes you made, try to understand why it happened like it did and let go of any blame and self-criticism.

7. Comparison

Every person is unique and we all have our own qualities. It would be very boring if we’re all the same. This is why comparing yourself to others doesn’t really bring any benefit.
Each individual person built their own path until now with various experiences and lessons from life.
Accept yourself for who you are and do thrive to become better every day but do not accuse yourself that you are not as good as your neighbor. You are just here for different purposes, find your spark and your purpose and be proud of who you are

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8. Controlling others

Losing control can create anxiety but controlling the people around you will not really bring you happiness.
If you do feel that you have to control certain people around you, it can give you a fake feeling of certainty but are we really in control of anything?
We can not control what happens to our own life so why trying to control others? Let go of the need to control what other people are doing, embrace a healthier mindset and start to accept that you cannot be in control of everything.

9. Keeping things to yourself

Stacking up feelings and keeping them to yourself will just make you feel burdened. Find someone you can share your worries and thoughts with and unload some of that burden off your shoulders.
Let go of keeping everything inside you and let them go – share your problems with someone you trust.

10. Mistakes and regrets

Mistakes we made in the past can really be haunting us for a long time and the same applies to regrets. We are the only beings who go on and on about the mistakes we made and we endlessly accuse ourselves of things we cannot change anymore.
Let go of things you can’t change anymore, learn the lesson that mistake taught you and do not iterate through them over and over again.

11. Pleasing other people

The level of self-confidence can influence the way you feel and behave with the people around you. If you have a low self-esteem then you might feel the need to please other people in order to feel good about yourself. This behavior will only make you see yourself as a very low priority which is the exact opposite of what can make you happy.

Learn to love and accept yourself for who you are, be proud of who you are and always look forward to improving. But do not think that pleasing other people and making yourself a lower priority will bring you any success.

11 Things To Let Go To Increase Your Happiness:

    • Clutter
    • Thoughts
    • Worries
    • Crowded agenda
    • Making everyone happy
    • Self-criticism
    • Comparison
    • Controlling others
    • Keeping things to yourself
    • Mistakes and regrets
    • Pleasing other people

Next step:

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Try one of my tea meditations and learn how to appreciate the small things around you and become more mindful and happier.


Gabriela Green

11 Things To Let Go To Increase Your Happiness_ (1) (1)11 things to let go to increase your happiness 11 things to let go to increase your happiness


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