5 Amazing Benefits Of Nettle Tea

5 Amazing Benefits Of Nettle Tea- Gabriela Green Blog -

Nettle tea can be a great boost for your body every spring, when your body needs a higher intake of vitamins and nutrients to recover from them wintertime.

My mom was always telling me to take vitamins in the autumn and in the spring. I didn’t really know why she was telling me that, but I was following her advice and my body was thanking me for that.

Today I will talk about nettle tea, which might not be that popular, but you will find out that it is packed with benefits.

If you enjoy the walks in the nature, during the spring it is a great time to go and find some fresh nettle. I always feel like the herbs I collect myself taste better than the bought ones.

Be careful though when you want to collect nettle because it stings so it is better to use some protective gloves for this. Don’t worry if you end up touching the leaves, I know it is not a pleasant feeling but people say it is good for rheumatic pains.

Nettle Tea Benefits


Drinking nettle tea first thing in the morning and another 1-2 cups throughout the day for 3 weeks will increase your energy level. You will not feel that tired anymore.


Drinking this tea also helps treating eczema and other mild skin problems. It reduces the itchiness and the redness of the eczema.


If you suffer from regular headaches, this tea can help as well. Because of its depurative action on your body, you will be able to see that the headaches occurrence will decrease significantly.

Hair growth

Washing your hair with nettle tea can help with hair growth and keeping a healthy scalp. You can either do this every day for 3-4 weeks for an intense treatment or once a week for maintaining it healthy.


As I mentioned before, nettle tea is packed with nutrients and vitamins like: vitamin C, vitamin B, vitamin K1, iron, calcium, magnesium. The content of iron in the fresh nettle leaves is quite high. Drinking nettle tea helps stabilizing the iron level in your blood. I tend to move from pills towards the natural options and I think this is a great way to do that.

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5 Amazing Benefits Of Nettle Tea -

How to prepare:

Ideally you can use fresh nettle leaves because they contain the highest amount of nutrients. You can also use the dried leaves, as they are more convenient to find and store.


To prepare the nettle tea, you need:

  • 1 teaspoon of dried leaves
  • 250 ml of boiling water

Leave them for few minutes and enjoy the tea.


Do not add sugar to it, as it will reduce the benefits. It doesn’t have a strong taste and it is quite easy to drink it plain. If you really do not like the simple taste, you can add a bit of chamomile or mint to it.

If you have a bigger amount of fresh nettle, you can also cook with it! I know some delicious recipes for soups and stews with nettle.

Please check with your doctor before you start using this tea to make sure it doesn’t interact with any condition or treatments.



5 Amazing Benefits Of Nettle Tea - Gabriela Green -


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