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Tea Meditation : How to Accept Yourself

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Welcome to another tea meditation. This will be the perfect moment for you to detach from your day and to step into learning how to accept yourself exactly how you are now.

Tea is always a great time to connect to yourself and to enjoy a silent moment with your quiet mind. I don’t think I would be wrong if I say that tea can connect our body with our souls. In the end, this is how I feel every time I am mindfully drinking my tea.

Tea meditation

The entire process of tea drinking calms you on the inside and outside. The only thing you have to do to make it work is to just pay attention to it.


Your breath and your tea will both guide you in taking a step closer to accepting yourself. We are all perfectly imperfect in a beautiful and unique way. So there is nothing you cannot accept and embrace as it is right now, about your own person.

Take a bit of time to mindfully answer the questions below:

How do you feel now?
What tea will you choose to enjoy today?
Which flavour do you want to nurture your body and soul with?


With the tea bag or tea leaves in front of you, mindfully prepare everything you need to help you enjoy a lovely cup of tea.

Feel the mug and tea, hear the boiling water, feel the warmth and smell the great flavor.

I just picked a green tea with ginger. Only thinking about the benefits that are packed in a small tea-cup relaxes me and brings a smile on my face.

Take few deep breaths and let the tea smell infuse your nostrils and fill your lungs. Enjoy every second of this relaxing tea meditation and learn how to accept yourself.

No matter how the weather is today and no matter if it is day or night, take a look at the sky.
I remember when I as a child that I loved watching the sky. Just laying down in the grass and admiring the random shapes of the clouds and imagining what they represent was making me forget about everything.

I am sure that none of the clouds are considering themselves imperfect or having the wrong shape. They are calmly floating in the sky like huge fluffy cotton balls.
Even if it is night or there are no clouds you can still admire the calmness of they sky.


Take a few deep breaths and maybe close your eyes. Take each part of your body and breathe into it and try to accept it the way it is. Do no judge any pain or discomfort, do no think about any imperfections – just accept them all one by one.
Slowly breathe into each:
Your head, face, eyes
Your neck and shoulders
Your arms, hands and fingers
Your back, chest, abs
Your legs, feet, toes

Breathe into all of them one by one and let them relax.

If you get any thoughts flying around about any defect you might consider you have, just let the thoughts pass by. Remember the clouds in the sky? Let the thoughts pass like the clouds.

You are the best version of yourself at this moment. Tell yourself that you accept yourself and you accept those little defects because in fact they are what makes you unique. By accepting them, you will be at peace with yourself.

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You will be able to grow your inner calm every day more and more. Do not judge yourself. We are the worst judges of our own person. If instead of judging every little action you did, you  just accept and you love yourself for who you are, everything will come into place.

Breathe and feel how the time slows down and everything that surrounds you seems a bit far now. It is just you and deep breath. Your mind is slowing down from all the chatter and the silence is starting to take over.

Enjoy the silence and enjoy being yourself.

Take the calmness with you in your day. Remind yourself throughout the day that you accept and love yourself.

Come back to this tea meditation anytime you need a piece of calm in your day.

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Tea meditation accept yourself

Tea meditation accept yourself -


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