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Learn how to be grateful [63 reasons]

Learn how to be grateful (1)

One important thing we forget about in our everyday life is to know how to be grateful.

Do you know the feeling you have when you are thinking about the people in your life that you love?
The warm fuzzy feeling that puts a smile on your face.
The feeling that gives you the strength to go over difficult times.
That is how gratitude feels like but it is much more than that!

There are so many things happening to you and around you every day that can make you feel overwhelmed. All those events are changing your life and are transforming you.

The best way to end any period of time is to be grateful for the things that happened to you.
Look back and remind yourself of all the good things and accomplishments. This will set you up for being positive and optimistic about everything that is yet to come.

The act of being grateful reminds you how to appreciate the good in your life. It shows you how to shape your way of thinking so that you are welcoming more good things to come to you.

Sometimes you might tend to spiral down the negative thoughts. You know those times when you are focusing only on the bad things that are happening.
But try to stop for a bit and shift your focus on everything that is good in our life. This simple exercise can completely change your perspective on the present moment.


Being grateful helps you attract more good things in your life. It reduces stress and it can improve the image you have about your own person, life and environment. It can help you see all these in much brighter colors and filled with positive vibes.

Now it is the best time to start being grateful. You can start by being grateful for things that happened this year, month, week or even day. By starting with this you can then create a daily or weekly habit.

You will always be able to find things to be grateful for in your life. But for that, you need to train the way you think into seeing all those things that we tend to take for granted.

If you still have no idea what to be grateful for, start thinking about the smallest things around you. Everything happening and surrounding you contributes to your wellbeing in some way.

You can find below a list of reasons to be grateful for. Get inspired from all these reasons and your mind will learn what to look for. You will learn how to see the good and the positive things all around.

If you make this a regular practice, you will see how your mood will get better. You will become a happier person day by day if you use this simple practice: Gratitude.

63 Reasons to be grateful for

  1. Music
  2. Reading a message from a good friend
  3. Making a cup of your favourite tea
  4. Sunshine
  5. The comfort of your home
  6. All the things you possess
  7. Your favorite book
  8. Finishing a gym session
  9. The smell of homemade food
  10. Trying a new recipe
  11. Watching birds flying
  12. The wind blowing through the leaves
  13. The air you are breathing
  14. Doing nothing
  15. Find something you see that makes you happy
  16. Your body
  17. The roof over your head
  18. Your inner child
  19. You have access to clean water
  20. The sky above
  21. You have access to internet
  22. Mistakes that taught you how to be a better person
  23. The gift of reading
  24. The fact that you are alive and present in this moment right now
  25. The blood that runs through your veins
  26. Appreciate your health and fight for improving it
  27. The authors of your favorite books
  28. Something that made you smile today
  29. Your relatives
  30. Having the option to take decisions and choose your path in life
  31. Tea in all the various flavors that it comes in
  32. Buddha and all the shared wisdom
  33. Your alarm clock or the alarm on your phone
  34. Your bed for allowing you to rest
  35. The sunrise
  36. You have access to knowledge
  37. Your friends
  38. You can nourish your body with food
  39. Learning to appreciate the small things (learn more here)
  40. Your dreams
  41. The last book you read
  42. Your computer/phone
  43. Electricity
  44. Solar power
  45. Your favorite food
  46. The persons you love
  47. Birds singing
  48. The sunset
  49. Giving someone good news
  50. Taking a long bath
  51. Hand warmers on a cold day
  52. A face mask
  53. For making time for yourself
  54. Your favorite season
  55. The hugs you offer and receive
  56. Being able to smile
  57. That person who can make you forget for a moment that you had a bad day
  58. Your favorite movie
  59. Your morning shower
  60. Listening to your favorite music
  61. How far you got
  62. All your small successes that brought you where you are now
  63. Having a great smile

Being grateful will slowly transform you into a happier person. Another way to help you achieve that is to learn how to notice the small things around you.

By noticing small events that are happening around, you will bring your attention to the present moment and you learn how to enjoy them and how the small things can make you happy. You can read more about this in my post 17 small things that make you happy.

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  • Olivier Devroede

    I really like your list. Especially the small things that we so often forget (and are not mentioned often in other lists) like having access to clean water. We are so privileged in the west.
    But it’s not so easy to not get upset either, when you see where climate change is heading. One more thing to be grateful for (in my mind) is the younger generation stepping up and demanding that politicians take action. It is so heart warming!

    January 27, 2019 at 7:13 pm Reply
    • Gabriela Green

      Thank you for your thoughts, Olivier! We do tend to forget to be grateful for small things because we get trapped in our busy lives. It’s always great to have a reminder close by, something that can ground us. Your suggestion can be a nice addition to my list!

      January 29, 2019 at 6:03 pm Reply
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