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Mindful evening without technology [infographic]

Mindful evening without technology [infographic] (1)

Having a mindful evening without technology could break the habit of always being connected online, on social media or always checking your emails and messages.

Being so addicted to your gadgets, makes you forget how to see what surrounds you.

You will miss the fluffy clouds in the sky or the autumnal colors of sunset only because your eyes are on the phone screen.

By technology, I am not referring only to your phone but also everything that connects you online, like your tablet, laptop, tv. Pretty much everything that we have to plug in.

How does it work? What are the benefits of an evening without technology?

It might feel wrong in the beginning but trust me and give it a try.

You’ll see how it feels to actually be there for something happening in front of you.

Get rid of the impulse of taking a picture of any other proof of what you’re witnessing. You don’t have to share your experiences with your friends on Facebook or Instagram. They will be more real to you that way.

Being connected to social media all day long might make you feel unsatisfied with your real life. Of course!
Why? Because most of those are not even real. I can guarantee you that what we all see there and we share, it’s not reflecting the reality at all.

Why is that?

Simply because we all want to look good in front of others. Maybe even start some envy in some of the people watching.

All this might help us feel better on the outside but we’re not true to ourselves. Because we know how our reality looks like. We can’t put a filter on our real life.

Another benefit of a mindful evening away from technology will be a good night sleep. All the blue light from the screen can cause restless sleep. So the next day you’ll thank yourself for feeling so well rested.

Prepare for it

Because we are so dependent on the internet and phones, this mindful evening might need a bit of preparation ahead.

Every time I say that I will not use my phone for 1-2 hours, I end up scrolling and double tapping on pictures on Instagram 5 minutes later. Because it’s time to admit that we are kind of addicted to our phones and technology.

So let’s set things straight and make the beast of this evening.
Here’s what you need to do, to make sure you’ll fully enjoy this.

  • Put your phone on airplane mode or start growing some trees with the Forest app.
  • Make sure you don’t have any plans for that mindful evening.
  • Notify anyone who needs to know about this.
  • Decide what you’ll want to do. It might be as simple as reading a book and drinking wine.

So take a step back, put your phone down and try some of the following activities for one mindful evening. See what it feels like and decide if you want more of it.

Mindful evening without technology activities

  • read
  • meditate
  • go for a walk and leave your phone at home
  • cook when did you make your favorite dish the last time?
  • have dinner without distractions
  • journal write down everything that’s on your mind, do a braindump
  • create a comfy environment
  • talk with someone close (even if you have to use your phone to call them this can be an exception from the technology)
  • incense
  • watch the sky, the sunset
  • spa at home self-care beauty treatments
  • do nothing
  • if you have a pet, spend time with it. otherwise go to a zoo, or a petting zoo or a cat cafe
  • go out and have dinner at a restaurant and leave your phone at home
  • evening gym session
  • yin yoga
  • spend time with yourself
  • spend quality time with your partner and reconnect
  • make a plan for the next week/month
  • fall asleep having your phone in another room, to not get any temptations
  • daydream
  • have a board game night with your friends

If you need more ideas, here are 28 small things that make you happy

What other ways to unplug do you enjoy?

Read more about how to take a technology break here

Mindful evening without technology [infographic]

Mindful evening without technology [infographic]


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