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Yoga and Tea – Excellent benefits for health and spirit

Yoga and Tea - Excellent benefits for health and spirit

You might be wondering what is the correlation between yoga and tea. They are perfectly complementing each other as they can both bring you to a calmer state of mind.

The tea ceremony can be itself considered a type of yoga with slow movements, which brings you step by step to the present moment.

There is so much more to tea than just the simple drink you see in front of you. It contains an entire philosophy and a way to truly change the people’s way of thinking.

Yoga is a spiritual discipline and it helps people shape their body and mind. It teaches how to pay attention to your own body and how to feel centered. Each pose brings you closer to the moment and to getting to know your body better.

Yoga and Tea benefits for health and spirit

1. Mindfulness

They are both working towards bringing some of the mindful moments in your day. Even if you are not fully aware of their power, in time you can learn to notice those moments.

Yoga makes you aware of every move and every breath. Every morning, while laying down your yoga mat and starting your routine you will start by being present. When you are on the mat, there is nothing else more important to do and nowhere else to be but there. Allow yourself those minutes just for yoga and truly enjoy them.

Tea, as I mentioned in a previous post, brings you to the present moment. The ritual itself can be a short moment of mindfulness. It can be a perfect mindful moment in your morning routine next to a healthy breakfast. I recommend to start your day with a green tea, as it helps kick-start your day, it is packed with antioxidants and it brings a lot of other benefits with it.

2. Calm

After finishing a yoga session, the body and mind feel more calm and relaxed. It is the combination of light stretches and being aware of every breath that takes you to a peaceful place in my mind. Practicing yoga at the beginning of the day will make you look forward to what the new day will bring, with a smile on my face.

There are many herbal teas which can help with calming your mind. There are so many varieties to enjoy. The ritual of preparing a cup of tea itself is a calming practice but herbal teas have plenty of benefits as well. For feeling calmer you can try chamomile or lavender tea.

3. Feel Better

Yoga makes your body feel warmed up and it stretches your muscles. After a morning yoga session, you will feel ready to face the new day. With this physical feeling, the day ahead looks more promising and it makes you feel good overall.
If you are a tea lover, you already know that tea is always the solution for many problems, right? Whether you need tea for something specific, or you just want to enjoy its taste, it will always make you feel better. Just feeling the warm cup of your favorite tea in your hands will improve your mood.

4. Reduce Stress

We all tend to have hectic lives and if we forget to find a bit of time for us, we get conquered by stress and anxiety.
To help you reduce these, both yoga and tea can easily help.

Reducing stress goes hand in hand with mindfulness. The moment you finally manage to focus on the present, you step outside of your stress bubble. Feeling that you are in a calm and safe bubble, even if for a few minutes, helps a lot with managing and reducing stress. Both yoga and tea can help with this.

5. Health

Yoga keeps your body strong and flexible. It helps you be in a better shape for longer – look at all those old yogis!
I really hope that I will have the determination and ambition to take care of my body and allow myself to dedicate time to this. I am sure my future version will thank me if I will practice yoga regularly.
Tea is one of the healthiest drinks you can enjoy, assuming of course that it is natural. Avoiding chemicals and additives is better for your body.
Tea has no calorie, no sugar and it is packed with benefits. Each type of tea offers your body various benefits. It is a cheap way of taking care of your body.

On top of all these benefits, they both have in common, yoga and tea can also work together. There are teas which make a great companion before or after a yoga session. Enjoying a warm cup of tea is perfect for making a transition between the yoga session and the day ahead.

Recommended teas to drink after a yoga session:


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Yoga and Tea - Excellent benefits for health and spirit

Yoga and Tea - Excellent benefits for health and spirit www.gabriela.greenYoga and Tea_ (1)Yoga and Tea - Gabriela Green -


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