How To Make More Time For Yourself

How to make more time for yourself featured - Gabriela Green -

Have you ever wondered what could you change in your day, to make you feel happier? We dive into our routines and we follow almost the same pattern every day, but what if we change it just a tiny bit?

We have the power to do that for sure and still we don’t really. Especially if you have a work place where you have to go to, it sets your frame for the day because you have to be there for 8 hours. So what can you do since you have to commute and it takes you almost the entire day anyway.

First of all let’s not forget that the day has 24 hours, although we wouldn’t mind if it had 48, I know, I know. For now, we will try to settle with what we currently have. Of course in order to have a healthy lifestyle and in order to be able to properly function we also need sleep. These kind of adds up and you are left with maybe too little time on your hands.

My parents didn’t really have any time management knowledge. Due to that, during my childhood I heard too many times the excuse: “I don’t have time”.
Somehow I was seeing that other people had time so I was quite confused. When years went by, I promised myself that I will make time and I will not use that excuse.

So let’s see how we can make us some time.

1. Acknowledge your lack of time

The most important thing I see, is to realize that your routine doesn’t fulfil your needs and you want to take some actions. If we just accept that we cannot do anything to include something more in our day, we will never really try to make an effort to change that.
If you feel that you don’t have enough time during the day, it means that you have things you would like to do but you just can’t fit them in these 24 hours anymore.

2. Make a list

Take a pen and a paper, relax and allow yourself few minutes to write down what you would like to do more and what you would like to include in your day. Having the list in front of you, helps you visualize and prioritize.

3. Add even the small things

You can include any little or big thing in your list – from taking vitamins to creating your own company. It doesn’t matter, because each of them starts with the first step. As I mentioned in a different post, “you don’t have to be great to start but you have to start to be great “.

4. Choose your favorites

You will not be able to include everything, but check which one of those you would really enjoy and which ones would make an impact.

5. Start step by step

Having your priorities set, you can now take them one by one and see what could you do and how could you include them. You will need to use your creativity at this step and start thinking out of the box.

6. How?

The vitamins I mentioned earlier would make an impact for your health and don’t take time, but we all forget to take them. Find a creative way to remind yourself to take them every day. Put them next to your coffee filter, or next to the mug you will use in the morning to make your tea. Make note on the inside of your kitchen cabinet’s door. Put an alarm on your phone. Anything that would help you remember will work for this.

Maybe you want to read more but you are too stressed and you always imagine that you need a couple of hours free for spending with your book. That is ideal indeed but reading for only 15-20 minutes daily is better that no reading, right? So instead of watching TV during breakfast, you could try to read. If you are commuting, you can have audio books on your phone and you can make use of that time while you are walking, riding the bus or driving. I guess you have already seen people reading in the metro/bus/train so you could also be one of them.
In the mornings for example,  when everybody else is asleep, you can find some extra time for you . You can have half an hour to do a quick yoga session, meditate or read before the day starts. You just need to be a bit more organized and to actually want to achieve the things on your list. Just make sure you get enough sleep.

How To Make More Time For Yourself_

Making more time for yourself

You could even write down everything you do during the day. Write every little thing and see where your time goes. Ask yourself if you would have felt better if instead of spending those 20 minutes on your phone, you read a chapter in a book.
I could give you more examples but they will all follow the same principle. Just divide and conquer and don’t get scared that what you would like to do takes too much time. Doing it step by step will get you closer to what you want to achieve.
We all get lost in the day and we go with the flow but it helps if we focus more often on our goals and try to include them in our life. Most of the times, things don’t just happen but you actually have to work for them.

What would you like to include in your routine?




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9 Replies to “How To Make More Time For Yourself”

  1. I am very guilty of not making enough time for myself. It’s something I definitely need to work on more. Thank you for the reminder. Xxx

  2. It always help to put things down and you can reread it all later on too! It really drives you to meet your target or whatever you really have to do! #KCACOLS

  3. a list always helps me stay focused. I never considered putting things like take vitamins on it though. I always forget mine! a pack of 30 has last me 6 months! #KCACOLS

  4. makinghermama says: Reply

    Screen time is such a distracter! And I for one feel much healthier mentally when I limit it and choose other forms of down time like reading a book (or writing a blog post….even though it’s screen time….at least it’s not mindless!) #KCACOLS

  5. I like this – I have a full time job, two blogs, five cats, four chickens, two hamsters, a wife and a seven month old. I definitely need more time! #kcacols

    1. Wow, you really have your hands full!

  6. I love making lists, they make me feel so productive and help me to show my husband that I need time to do things.


  7. I find that making a list in priority order really helps. If I don’t write things down I always end up chasing my tail. These are fab tips! Thanks so much for linking up to #KCACOLS, hope you come back again next Sunday x

    1. Thank you for your appreciation xx

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