How to calm your mind with mindfulness

How to calm your mind with mindfulness

In our everyday life, we often feel overwhelmed by the amount of thoughts running thought our mind. Learning how to calm your mind can prove to be quite challenging, especially when you are not sure how to do it. The power of mindfulness might surprise you when you will start to experience it.

We often allow everything that is going on in our life to conquer the mind and thoughts. Just imagine having a full daily agenda and being stressed while running to an important meeting. By imagining this, you can already feel the pressure and the increasing amount of ideas cluttering your mind.

It is like looking from above at a sky full of clouds and the clouds are your thoughts – that is how full your mind can be.

Take a Break

Would you then consider 10 minutes when you just stop everything you do and allow yourself to meditate? It might sound inappropriate and disruptive from your chain of busy life, right? But if you give it a try, you will see that this is indeed its purpose: to bring you back to the “now” and make you take a break from the crazy routine.

By applying this meditation technique, you would actually be able to continue the rest of the day, or at least few hours, with a clearer mind. You would be in a more relaxed state. Not feeling that affected by the things around as you would if you didn’t have had your little moment of stillness.

After enjoying a mindful break, the events around you will feel like you are standing in the rain but you are not getting wet. That is because you have your umbrella of mindfulness freshly opened. So you can acknowledge the rain, but it will not affect you.
In the beginning it might not feel like the natural thing to do – taking a break in the middle of your busy day. You might even have doubts about why would you do that? I know it does not sound too easy to put in practice, but in time you will see how many benefits you can get from meditation and giving your mind a little quiet time.


Just try returning to the present moment for a short time, and being aware of your own breath. This can act like a pause button and a self check on how you truly feel.

Ask yourself how you really are, take a deep breath and be still for brief moment. Be gentle to your own person and do not allow all the external negative vibes affect you.

This is a great technique to calm the mind and to allow being “mindful” instead of having a “mind full”.

Easy techniques to calm the mind

  • Guided meditation

If you are a beginner, this is the best way to introduce you to the world of meditation. When you feel that you don’t know exactly what to do, the guided meditations will help you with every step. Your mind will be filled with calming thoughts, which will release any tension you felt when you started meditating.

Try some of my tea meditations and learn how meditation can change your life.

All you need to know about tea meditation

  • Breathing techniques

There are many breathing techniques, which will slowly bring you to the present moment and clear your mind. They are powerful and they are quite easy to apply.

  • Yoga

This is not only a great way to start your morning with gentle yoga stretches, but it also helps you connect your mind and body.

  • Tea

There are so many benefits a cup of tea can bring you that it is impossible to cover them all in only one article. One of the teas with the most powerful calming properties is chamomile tea and you can also combine it with other teas that help release stress.

  • Reading

Enjoying few pages of a book, can make for the perfect mental break. Being immersed in the story written on the pages in front of you will allow you to detach from the daily activities and can help calming your anxious mind.

To find more simple ideas to relax your mind, I recommend this 40 ways to relax in 5 minutes or less article. It will give you some inspiration whenever you need some tips to calm your mind.

Sometimes it’s worth taking a break, looking around, being aware of what is happening to you now. If necessary, it’s worth taking a few steps back.

A very good friend of mine told me once: “If the current situation is not good for you, take few steps back little girl”.

You could easily transform your daily activities into simple way to relax your mind. You can try activities like: aromatherapy, a long bath, playing with animals, music.

In a hectic life, all the stress and full agendas do not allow us to see the big picture anymore. We are not aware of the present moment and we just go with the flow. This might not be the best scenario if we can’t see where is it taking us.

So take few steps back when needed. Look at the picture of your life from a bit further and decide if you like and agree with what you see. If not, you need to readjust a bit the frame.

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