10 Great Reasons to Drink Tea

10 Great Reasons to drink tea - Gabriela Green -

Today I thought I would come with a short list of reasons to enjoy drinking tea. Because tea is always a good idea, isn’t it?

Let’s see why we want to drink tea more often.

10 Great Reasons to Drink Tea

   1. Flavour

The flavour diversity is really endless.Have you ever walked into a tea shop? I always feel almost lost amongst all that variety of options!

   2. Calming process 

The process of preparing the tea is calming

   3. Relaxing effects

Drinking tea can relax you and it can sooth a bad day feeling

   4. Healthy

It is a healthy natural drink. Each type of tea has lots of benefits for your body. You can check some of them in my previous posts:

   5. Hydration

It keeps you hydrated during the day. Especially if it doesn’t contain caffeine, tea can help you stay hydrated.

   6. Benefits

The tea benefits are numerous and depend on each type of plants you use. Read more about Beauty Benefits of Tea in my post.

Or how you can treat your sore throat with tea.

   7. Warm

The warm feeling during the cold seasons is great. Have you ever tried to cuddle under a blanket with a warm cup of tea? The feeling is lovely!

   8. No calories

It contains zero calories. You can enjoy tea as much as you want in various flavours and it does not contain any calories! (assuming you don’t add sugar or honey or any other sweetener, of course)

   9. Smell

The smell makes you want to cuddle next to the cup. With some many varieties on hand, you can enjoy the lovely smell of any type of tea you want!

   10. Caffeine

The caffeine content of some teas can help kick-starting your mornings. It can be a great replacement for coffee!


I would love to read about more reasons for enjoying a cup of tea.

What is yours?




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10 Great Reasons to drink tea - Gabriela Green -

10 Great Reasons to Drink Tea - (3)


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