The Planner you will actually use!

Is this you?

Everyday stress makes you feel tired and consumes you

You have a hectic life

You start too many things but you fail to be consistent with it

Mental stress is affecting your daily life

Your mind feels like a hurricane of thoughts

If you look around, you find yourself surrounded by to-do lists

You have too many outdated agendas and notebooks you don’t use anymore

Mindful Life Planner

The planner will help you achieve a less stressful life.

It will guide you through mindful activities that you can start including in your routine from the moment you receive it.

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Having all your thoughts organized Being less stressed Feeling happier Having more time for yourself Learning to appreciate what you have Feeling in control of your time Being able to smile more Feeling relaxed

You can:
Start using right away
Print it only for the period you plan to use it
Use only parts of it – you don’t have to use all the pages
Customize it for your own needs

It is not dated, so you can use it every year, starting any day of the year.

NOW 30% OFF !

The Mindful Life Planner will help you:

Stay focused on important tasks and main goals
Find calm in your everyday activities
Reflect on the areas you need to improve
Control your stress factors
Include more mindfulness in your daily routine
With lots of ideas to choose from for reducing stress and inducing relaxation
Monitor your happiness and become more grateful


You can use this planner in a printed or digital format.

Print the pages that you want to start using as many times as needed or put together a pdf with the pages that you want.

You can start with only one of them and then build up to a full monthly mindfulness planner.

You have here all the necessary worksheets and planners needed to build a simple mindfulness practice. Following them, you will learn how to stick to your mindfulness routine and you will slowly start enjoying the benefits of mindfulness.

You will also find lists of resources, ideas, and benefits you will get from this practice.

Here is what you will get:


  • 1. Mindful Life Planner Full Guide – containing a guide, extra information to support you achieve a more mindful life, all the page templates – which you can customize as you wish (30 pages – 1 cover)
  • 2. Mindful Life Planner – Daily Pages (8 pages – 1 cover)
  • 3. Mindful Life Planner – Weekly Pages (8 pages – 1 cover)
  • 4. Mindful Life Planner – Monthly Pages (10 pages – 1 cover)