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Tea talk: Autumn leaves and positive thoughts

Tea Talk: Autumn leaves and positive thoughts
Tea talk: Autumn leaves and positive thoughts | Gabriela Green | Tea talk: Autumn leaves and positive thoughts | Gabriela Green |

It is the beginning of October and the leaves are starting to become colorful. I really like this weather and the autumn leaves. It is a bit cold but the sun is shinning and warming me up. I love to enjoy my tea outside, while I can feel the autumn weather around.

So today I will cuddle up with my hot tea in the sun and talk with you about positive attitude.

Tea talk: Autumn leaves and positive thoughts | Gabriela Green |



I do know the benefits of meditation from many books and from my personal experience. People around me noticed the benefits and I also felt them. I was told that I seem to handle situations differently, that sometimes I am too calm or I seem to not get affected by what is going on around me, as much as others are affected. Meditation makes you aware of the important things in life and it somehow rearranges your priorities. You see your life from a different perspective and understand what is truly important.

There are many books and movies about the “say yes” attitude, but I will quickly mention it here as well. Many times when we say yes to things we don’t really feel like doing, we end up thanking ourselves that we did it. Just think about all the times you went outside the house even if you felt like melting on the couch with a bag of popcorn and doing nothing.

Personally, every time I do that I feel happy. And I usually experience something new or just different from the every day routine. Even by enjoying small things around you when you are out can make you smile and induce a happy state of mind. It doesn’t  matter if you enjoy the color of the sky, the fresh air, a flower, or really any detail around you .

Of course in order to appreciate all of these you have to be aware. You have to be present in the moment. This is just an example but I can think about many other times when saying yes could lead to nice experiences: going to the gym without trying to find excuses, reading a book, participating in an unusual event for you and experiencing new things, meeting new people, taking a first step towards something you don’t dare to start and so on.

Tea mug and autumn Leaves | Gabriela Green |

This weather is perfect for reading and calming down. Slowing down our activities and enjoy the present moment. So let’s enjoy the moment. Let’s welcome the autumn with tea and positive thoughts!




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