Tea review: Simon Lévelt Japanse Kers (Japanese cherry)

Tea Review Simon Levelt

Simon Levelt Japanse Kers (Japanese cherry)

  • Ingredients: Organic green tea, natural flavor.
  • Water Temperature: 85 degrees Celsius
  • Steep Time: 4 minutes
  • Supplier: Simon Levelt (website:


About This Tea

Founded in 1826, Simon Levelt has almost 200 years’ experience in blending fine quality teas. They are promoting fair trade and they even write about their farmers on the website. By having a close collaboration with their producers, they aim to improve the quality of their teas and at the same time the living and labour conditions of the people working for them.

Simon Levelt teas are full of aroma and they have a great variety.

The packaging of Simon Levelt Japanse Kers (Japanese cherry) has a cute design. The bag has a clear window through which you can see the tea leaves contained inside. The green color of the label already predicts the lovely green tea taste.
The price of this tea is affordable and I think they are offering a good quality for it.

Tea review_ Simon Lévelt Japanse Kers (Japanese cherry)_


This Japanese cherry green tea is a great way to start your day. It has a strong cherry note and behind that you can still smell the grassy aroma of green tea. If you like cherry flavoured sweets, you will enjoy the aroma of this tea as well.


Before tasting this green tea blend, you will be delighted with the strong cherry smell. The first sip will unravel the simple taste and might surprise you. Because of the aroma, you might think that the cherry taste will be also be a strong one. In fact, the strong grassy taste of the Japanese green tea is the one who dominates and the cherry flavor can only be felt in the background. This makes it a great companion for a sweet fruity breakfast.

Tea review_ Simon Lévelt Japanse Kers (Japanese cherry)_

My Conclusion:

Every time I make a cup of this tea, it reminds me of Japan and knowing that it originates from there, it brings me closer to those moments. For anyone who likes a full cherry flavour on top of the green tea base, this is the perfect choice.

If you love green tea then you probably also know that it is packed with antioxidants and benefits. To find out more about the benefits, you can check this post: 10 Amazing Benefits of Green Tea.
Here are few of them:
– Increases fat burning
– Improves physical performance
– Excellent source of antioxidants
– Helps with dental health
Another tea recommendation if you liked this tea, is the Japanese cherry blossom tea. It has a distinct taste and will definitely surprise you with its taste.

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Tea review_ Simon Lévelt Japanse Kers (Japanese cherry)_


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