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Tea Meditation: Let Go And Free Your Mind

Tea Meditation_ Let Go And Free Your Mind

Welcome to another tea meditation which will declutter your thoughts, help you calm your mind and learn to let go while enjoying your cup of tea.

Prepare your tea

Pour the water into your kettle and bring it to a boil. Listen to the sound of water bubbling and try to not focus on anything else around you.

Prepare your favorite mug for brewing the tea in it.
Having a mug that you love will help with the meditation. It can be a mug you got from a dear friend; it can be just a colorful one that brings positive vibes, one with a mindful message or any other type, which makes you happy to use it.

When you take that mug in your hands and you feel a positive vibe. It will just brighten up your short period of time when you are using it. This also teaches you to enjoy the little things around you.

Choose your tea.

Prepare your tea bag or put the loose leaves in the infuser. The main thing to remember during each step is to just be aware of every move and enjoy the anticipation of drinking your tea, which will soon warm you up, on the inside.


Pour the water and observe. Enjoy the moment of peace and take a few deep breaths.

You know the feeling you have when there is something holding you back, something making you cringe, feel guilty or angry about someone?

It is like you carry a weight in the back of your head. No matter how much you try, you just can’t fully relax because our mind keeps going back to that same thought.

Holding on to such thoughts do not bring any good things in your life. They will just pin in you in place, you will feel trapped in the past and not able to enjoy the present moment.

What to do in such a moment?

Let Go

The best thing you can do for your own peace of mind is to acknowledge why you feel like that.
Accept it.
Truly choose to let go and agree to this decision with your whole being.

When you decide to let go of any heavy thought that keeps you trapped in your mind, you will instantly feel relieved. Your whole body will feel lighter, almost like you are floating on clouds.

Remember the cup of tea in front of you and let’s try an easy breathing exercise.

Imagine how you were steeping your tea leaves earlier.

Identify with the tea leaves swirling around the steeper.

Take a deep breath and slowly dive the steeper in the warm water. Imagine how you are fully submerged in a welcoming pool.

Slowly breathe out under the water at the same time when the tea leaves are releasing their flavor.

Imagine breathing out the thought you just decided to let go.

Take out the steeper and breathe fresh air and feel the lightness.

Put a shy smile on your face and take another deep breath.

Deep dive the steeper in your teacup and breathe out any tension.

Repeat this few more times if needed, until you don’t feel any connection with that thought anymore.

Take your cup of freshly brewed tea and smell its warmth. Repeat the mantra “Let go” and with every small sip of tea you take. Let your thoughts be washed away and choose to let go.

Relax into this feeling and enjoy the moment.

You can repeat this breathing exercise throughout your day, anytime you are preparing your fresh cup of tea. Try to remind yourself throughout the day as many times as possible, to return to the “now”.

Save me for later!

Tea Meditation steps


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Tea Meditation_ Let Go And Free Your Mind _


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