Quiz: How stressed are you?

Find your Stress Score in a couple of minutes!

Do you often :

  • stress about the endless to-do lists?
  • feel like you can’t focus?
  • feel overwhelmed?
  • feel like you are on an automatic mode and don’t have control of your life?
  • stress about the fact that you want to succeed at many things?
  • feel like your mind is racing all day long?

If you answered yes to any of the above, your stress level might be quite high!

Answer the following 20 questions and find out how to get better at stress relief.

So, how stressed do you feel in your daily life_Find out now! (2) (1)

1. How much time do you have in the morning for yourself
2. How do you feel when you wake up?
3. Do you do any type of exercises in the morning?
4. Do you have a nourishing healthy breakfast?
5. Do you have any self-care mini routine in the morning? (dry brush, face massage, )
6. Do you meditate in the morning?
7. How do you feel about your work-day?
8. Do you feel overwhelmed at work?
9. How are your colleagues at work?
10. How do you feel in the evening after a workday?
11. Do you have any evening ritual before going to bed?
12. How is your sleep usually?
13. How many times per week/month do you go out with friends?
14. How happy are you with your current life?
15. Do you have any people or situations you didn't forgive yet?
16. How is your love tank? (for yourself, for others, for life in general)
17. What is your attitude towards yourself?
18. How many hours per night do you sleep

How do you feel when you arrive home?


How often do you engage in any social activities?