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One-minute mindfulness – 9 simple activities for everyone

One-minute mindfulness - 9 simple activities for everyone

If you are trying to bring more mindfulness into your life but you worry about not having enough time for doing that, I have some great ideas for you. Below you will find a list of one-minute mindfulness activities, which can be easily added to your busy day.

How one-minute mindfulness works

All you need is 60 seconds and the promise to yourself that for those seconds you will just be present in the moment. There are many ways to slow down your hectic life and empty your mind. These mindfulness techniques can help you relieve stress and bring calm to your life while escaping the automatic mode.

The most important thing is to truly feel this short moment and to do your best to free your mind for a few seconds without any judgment. Be kind to yourself and embrace these seconds of mindfulness.

So whenever you fill that you could use a mindful break during the day and realign your life, just grab the list below and pick one of the activities to try for one minute.

One-minute mindfulness – 9 simple activities for everyone

1. Breathe

Practice any breathing technique for 60 seconds. Your goal would be to have no other thoughts and the only thing to focus on is your breath. There are many breathing techniques, which will slowly bring you to the present moment and clear your mind. They are powerful and they are quite easy to apply.

Just hit the pause button on your daily tasks and start your timer for mindful breathing.

2. Empty your mind

Can you count the number of thoughts you have right now? I am sure I can’t because there are always new thoughts popping in my mind while losing track of others. It feels like a crowded highway inside the mind. Trying to let all the thoughts fade away and clear the path in front of you can feel liberating. It gives you time to connect with yourself.

For a minute try to just observe your thoughts and imagine blowing them away like bubbles.

3. Let go 

Sometimes there is a thought in the back of our mind, which is always there, making us feel guilty of something or just bringing negative vibes. Holding on to these type of thoughts is not serving us in any way. Just try to acknowledge one of these thoughts and allow yourself to let it go. Forgive if there is anything to forgive and just decide that it is time to declutter your mind and let it go.

4. Smile

We smile whenever we are happy but our mind can also react to smiling the other way around. You can just trick your mind into feeling good if you smile. Go in front of a mirror and just smile at your own reflection. You will feel the power of your own kindness coming back to you.

5. Read a motivational quote

Sometimes we just need a bit of inspiration. Choose a topic and look for motivational quotes related to it. Choose a quote, read it and fully absorb its meaning. It is a simple exercise but it has a lot of power.

6. Walk mindfully 

Physical activities are always recommended for a healthy life. Walking can as well help to extract you from all the activities you have during the day. Just get up from your desk and practice some mindful walking. Leave behind what you were doing and enjoy the minute of walking.

7. Mindful tea/coffee minute 

We each have our own little cup of joy during the day. It can be a cup of tea, coffee or even simply water. Whenever you are going to prepare this little treat just be there in the moment. Feel the smell, enjoy the preparation and feel the taste. These simple things can bring you to the present moment in just a few seconds. If you have a bit more time, you can even try a short tea meditation.

8. Stretch

Stress and overwhelm can make our muscles tense and even painful. Try some simple stretches, get up from your chair and give some love to your muscles. There are many ways to practice stretching but the most important thing is to just listen to your body and do the movements that feel good to you. Be mindful of every move and relax into every stretch.

9. Listen to a mantra chanting

A “mantra” is a sacred group of words in Sanskrit believed by practitioners to have psychological and spiritual powers. Mantra meditation helps to induce an altered state of consciousness.

One of my favorites is “Om mani padme hum”.

The meaning of this mantra is difficult to explain because it has many meanings. Here is one explanation from Dalai Lama: “It is very good to recite the mantra Om mani padme hum, but while you are doing it, you should be thinking on its meaning, for the meaning of the six syllables is great and vast …. The first, OM … symbolizes the practitioner’s impure body, speech, and mind; it also symbolizes the pure exalted body, speech, and mind of a Buddha…. The path is indicated by the next four syllables. MANI, meaning jewel, symbolizes the … altruistic intention to become enlightened, compassionate and loving…. The two syllables, PADME, meaning lotus, symbolize wisdom…. Purity must be achieved by an indivisible unity of method and wisdom, symbolized by the final syllable HUM, which indicates indivisibility”. Read more about it here.

When to include them in your day

 Any time of the day is a good time for these. You just need to take action, practice them and you will see how in time they can help you become more mindful.

Here are a few examples of moments when you could practice these stress relief activities throughout the day:

  • When you wake up
  • While you are walking to work
  • In the shower
  • When are getting dressed
  • While preparing breakfast
  • At work when you feel overwhelmed
  • Ideally, you can practice one of these every hour, to keep you grounded
  • After a meeting
  • Before planning your day
  • Before enjoying your meal

Reduce stress in less than 5 minutes per day! (1)

You can create some reminders for yourself to not forget and get lost in the activities of your busy day. After a while, they will become a habit and it will feel more natural to include them throughout your day. Practicing these one-minute mindful activities can help you shift your perspective on your day.


Gabriela Green

One-minute mindfulness - 9 simple activities for everyone_ (3)
one-minute mindfulness activities for everyone

One-minute mindfulness - 9 simple activities for everyone _ Gabriela Green _ (1)One-minute mindfulness - 9 simple activities for everyone _ (1)


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