Tips on how to start a mindful life

How to start a mindful life (1)

Being mindful is one of the secrets for having a happier life. 
And we all want to be happy, right?
Maybe time is a constraint for you.
Or you feel like you don’t know what you are doing while “trying to be mindful”.

Don’t worry, to become more mindful you will not have to be in the lotus position for 3 hours a day. 
There are plenty of simple actions you can take. Some of them you can do from the comfort of your own bed!
To help you start your mindful journey, below is a list of mindful tips and lessons I learned along the way.

Start here: 

Quiz: How stressed are you? – Find your Stress Score in just a couple of minutes!
7-day mindfulness challenge  – If you are serious about achieveing your mindfulness goal, this Free 7-day challenge you will train your awareness and you will become more mindful.
Mindful Life Planner – To help you plan and keep track of your mindful days, routines and activities, the Mindful Life Planner is the perfect tool. It will make you feel supported and guided with every step you follow.
Reduce stress in less than 5 minutes per day  – Don’t have too much time? My free guide will help you reduce stress in less than 5 minutes per day even if you struggle with finding time for yourself.

Set a routine

Morning Routine – A morning routine cheatsheet to quickly guide you with your routine and a free step-by-step guide to a healthy morning routine.
Evening routine – Panning for a calm and relaxed evening, away from technology? Check the post and grab my infographic with ideas on how to spend a mindful evening without technology.

Mindful techniques

Tea Meditation – Follow the tea meditaion steps to help you calm your mindf while enjoying your favorite drink. Learn here all you need to know about it.
One minute mindfulness  – A list of one-minute mindfulness activities, which can be easily added to your busy day.
How to Balance Your Chakras with Herbal Tea – What is a chakra and how you can balance yours and why.
11 Things To Let Go To Increase Your Happiness – You might already know that it is good for you to just let go of things that do not serve you anymore but how can you do this?
7 breathing techniques that will improve your mood – What is a breathing technique? There are various ways of applying them throughout your day. You will find a free worksheet to help you with that, at the bottom of the article.


12 Calming teas – Leanr how to relax with herbal tea.
How To Live In The Moment: 10 Mindful Tips – Living in the moment does not imply worrying about the future or regretting the past. Learning how to live in the present moment can show how to reduce stress and increase your happiness.
Small things that make you happy – Enjoying and appreciating the small things, will make you more aware and more present in the moment. Get a list of 28 small things that make you happy (free printable).
Put them all together in your Mindful Life Planner and start today!

Don’t forget to bookmark this page and come back to it whenever you are in need of inspiration and easy mindful tips.

You are not on my list yet?
Click the image below and join my mindful community if your goal is to have a happy and calm life! (and get your free breathing techniques cheatsheet)


Gabriela Green

How to start a mindful life _ (1)

How to start a mindful life _ (1)


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