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From crazy to calm in 5 simple steps

From crazy to calm in 5 simple steps (2)

Do you know those days when your mind is spinning so fast that you lose track of your own thoughts?
When you forget the end of the sentence you just started.

You feel like you are months behind the task list you made this morning.

During these chaotic times, the last thing on your mind is to relax. Right? Because you have sooo many things to do. And maybe there are even more coming that you don’t even know yet.

However, I have 5 simple steps for you to get from crazy to calm.
These steps will help you not lose your mind and feel like you’re in control again.

So don’t despair! Here’s what you need to do :

Read the steps down below.
Print them.
Put them on your desk.
Keep them close-by.

1. Stop

First of all, stop everything that you’re doing.
Yes, do it now. You’ll get back to it in a couple of minutes.
When you feel like your heartbeat is galloping and your chest is carrying a huge weight on it while your mind is spinning, it’s time to stop.
You won’t be very productive anyway if you keep going.
Allow your self a couple of minutes to recalibrate.
If possible, go to a place where you’re alone. We all need to go to the toilet from time to time, right?

2. Breathe

Now that you stopped what you were doing, take a deep breath.
Let it out with a sigh. Same way you would if you just finished a sprint up the hill.
Take 3 more deep breaths. Follow the GIF below to help you with the breathing.

Read more about breathing techniques here.

3. Clear your mind

Now that you allowed yourself to breathe, your mind should not be spinning that much anymore.
Take a minute to clear all your thoughts.
Try to sit there for a minute and not think of anything. It will be more difficult than it sounds, but give it a try.
Put a one-minute timer on your phone and try to not think about anything.
Anytime a thought comes to you, let it go.
Imagine that your thoughts are like balloons. Whenever you catch one, just let it go and watch how it flows up in the air.

4. Be still

You managed to clear your mind a bit. Now it’s time to relieve some physical tension.
Try to be still for a minute and keep breathing.
With every exhalation try to relax one part of your body.
Focus on your jaw, neck, shoulders, abdomen. These are key areas where we tend to hold a lot of tension.

5. Smile

And now comes the best part.
You’re almost done! The last step is to smile.
If you have a mirror nearby it’s even better. Look at yourself in a mirror and smile.
This helps your mood and sends happy signals to your brain.
You can now get back to your tasks and your day.
With a clear mind, you can now tackle more tasks and be more productive.
Come back to these 5 steps anytime you need throughout the day.

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From crazy to calm in 5 simple steps (1)

Click on the image to download the cheat sheet.

It will help you remember what steps to take when life gets too crazy.
Make it a screensaver on your phone to have it as a reminder.
You can print it at a smaller scale to keep it in your wallet or phone case.

Gabriela Green

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