How to Fight Stress with Tea

How to fight stress with tea - Gabriela Green -

How many times did you consider to treat yourself with a tea whenever you felt stressed? I guess this is the last thing on your mind when you feel overwhelmed and you feel that sometimes life just gives you too much on your plate.
I totally understand, but in those moments instead of reaching out for some other ways of calming yourself, which might not be too natural or healthy for your body, you could try something else. In order to fight stress, you could consider treating yourself with a tea.
Yes, tea can be your faithful friend when you are stressed.

There are many types of tea which can help you calm down and release your anxiety. Here are some of them which I tried and hey proved to be quite effective.


Has its origins in the south of France. It is definitely a plant with a calming and relaxing smell. It has been used for long in aromatherapy and it helps having a good sleep.
Lavender tea can help you reduce insomnia and induce a relaxing sleep.


It is indicated to be used for calming stress generated tension and reducing anxiety and depression.
Chamomile is known to be one of the most efficient calmative. It can also be used for helping you have a better sleep.
If you want to know other benefits of chamomile you can check this post.
Chamomile Tea:
Use one teaspoon of chamomile flowers for one mug full of boiled water. Let it steep for 20 minutes and then enjoy


Valerian root has been used for its benefits since ancient times. It was mostly used to help with sleeping and treat insomnia. Studies have shown that valerian induces a profound sleep which will make you feel more rested and relaxed.
It is recommended to have up to 5 cups of valerian root tea per day in order to feel its effects. If you never had this tea before, you can start with only one cup to see how it affects your organism.


In Europe, linden has been used for centuries for its benefits.
Linden flowers were used for making tea for calming anxiety associated with indigestion, nausea.
The calming effects of this tea can reduce fear, anxiety, irritability, insomnia, migraines.


One of the most important effects is blood flow stimulation at the brain level, helping this way to reduce stress, anxiety and increase concentration. This is why rosemary tea is also recommended to the persons preparing for an exam as it helps focusing and also inducing calm.

Do not forget to check with your doctor before using these teas to make sure it will not interact with any other medications or conditions

You can try these teas either when you feel stressed or when you just want to enjoy a good sleep.

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How to fight stress with tea - Gabriela Green -


Gabriela Green


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