4 Surprising Cherry Blossom Tea Benefits

4 Surprising Cherry Blossom Tea Benefits

Cherry blossoms are a beautiful spring symbol.
But they are not only one of my favorite spring symbols you can also make cherry blossom tea!

The atmosphere that surrounds you when you’re in a garden with cherry blossom trees is surreal.

Everything feels calm when you look around. You’re surrounded by pale pink tiny cherry flowers.
You can lay down on a blanket under the trees and admire the beauty around.

If it gets a bit windy you’ll be the witness of a cherry blossom petals rain. It feels like you’re in a fairytale.

Last year, I visited Japan during the cherry blossom season. I can say that it was my favorite vacation so far.
There, I found out that the Japanese make tea out of these lovely cherry blossoms as well.

These little flowers look like they are from fairy tales and that amazed me. But I was curious to see what are the benefits of cherry blossom tea.

Here are some of the benefits I found:

Cherry Blossom (Sakura) Tea Benefits

1. Anti-oxidants

This tea is high in antioxidants. The antioxidants help protect and heal the cells in your body from the free radicals. They inhibit oxidation and help to remove the damaging oxidizing agents from your body.

2. Essential fatty acids

Because it contains essential fatty acids, it helps to repair the skin and promotes smooth supple skin. Everybody wants their skin to look great and when tea can do that, it sounds amazing!

3. Anti-aging

Cherry blossom tea is great for mature skin as it helps to reduce the wrinkles and regenerate the skin. Promotes collagen formation.


The anti-inflammatory properties help to reduce the uneven pigmentation and cleanse the skin of toxins. The skin will appear clear and brightened.
Sakura Cherry blossom tea benefits - Gabriela Green -

Sakura is an elegant symbol of Japanese beauty. Its pink, clear, flawless appearance is often encountered in Japanese weddings.

Cherry Blossom (Sakura) Tea Taste

In Japan, they are making cherry blossom tea in different ways, depending on the area.
It can be simple, made only of the cherry flowers.
What was a big surprise for me, they are also making salty cherry blossom tea!

I was in Kyoto, and a nice lady was serving people with small cups of tea.
When she gave it to me, she also warned me that it’s salty.
That confused me a bit but at least I prepared my taste buds for it.
I can say that it tastes more like a soup to me than a tea but it was a unique experience.

I do prefer the less salty (actually not salty at all, thank you!) cherry blossom tea. No salty taste in my tea, please!

The salty tea I mentioned earlier can vary in taste. The salt is actually used to preserve the cherry blossoms. It’s different from drying them as it keeps more of the taste and benefits.

I only drank this in tea shops, but the sweet version is made of the same salty flowers, leaving only the subtle taste of the cherry blossom behind.
If you prefer the salty taste, you can leave the pickled blossoms in the tea-cup, depending on how you like the taste.

Tea meditation

Sakura tea can be a perfect companion for a tea meditation to help you calm your mind.
Someone described that enjoying a teacup is like a “cuddly little adventure”. And it’s so true! But to get to this magical feeling, you need to allow yourself some time to focus on the simplicity of tea drinking.

The tea meditation starts with the moment when you decide to make yourself a tea and you’re heading towards your kettle. You already made the first step for achieving a bit of calm in your day. It means you stopped whatever you were doing and you can use this time to clear your mind.
Learn more about tea meditation.
Tea Meditation steps

Exquisit experience

The image you get when you have the sakura tea in front of you is very relaxing. The pastel colors are unveiling in slow motion in front of you while the cherry blossoms are dancing around. For having the best experience, you would need a glass teapot.

Cherry blossom is known for its rich anti-oxidant levels and soothing properties.
Rich in essential fatty acids, it repairs the skins natural barriers to promote smooth, supple skin.
Sakura is Ideal for a mature complexion, therapeutically regenerative it’s anti-aging, whitening.

It has anti-inflammatory properties and can also help to lighten uneven pigmentation, due to sun exposure, by inhibiting the production of melanin.
It cleanses the skin of toxins to leave a brightened, healthy skin. This article talks more about its beauty benefits and encourages us to “Let Your Natural Beauty Blossom”.

If you want to find out more about the scent of cherry blossom tea and some tips of food pairing, you can check this article here.

Let me know if you tried the cherry blossom tea and if you know more of its benefits.

Cherry Blossom Tea | Sakura | Tea Benefits |


Gabriela Green

Cherry blossom sakura tea benefits
Cherry Blossom Tea | Sakura | Tea Benefits |
Sakura cherry blossom tea benefits


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  • Julia

    This sounds great and I love that it’s anti-inflammatory as well! Although I definitely wouldn’t be on board with a salty taste, that would just be a bizarre flavour in a tea for me!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    August 18, 2017 at 10:38 am Reply
    • Gabriela Green

      Indeed, the salty taste makes it taste more like a soup rather than a tea 🙂
      Thank you for stopping by!
      xx Gabriela

      August 18, 2017 at 11:10 am Reply

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