10 Reasons to Love the Colourful Autumn

10 reasons to love the colourful autumn - Gabriela Green Blog -

Autumn is a wonderful season and it is my favourite time of the year. The leaves are changing colours and the nature slowly looks like a magical world. Each season has its own beauty but autumn has that special something that touches my soul.

Here are 10 reasons for which I love autumn so much!

1. Scented candles

I have to admit that I own too many scented candles. Although I could use them when it is warm outside, it doesn’t make too much sense to do that. Now that the weather gets colder, I can finally burn and enjoy the scentĀ of my various candles.
I think the atmosphere becomes even more magical when you have a candle around.

2. Scarves

Wearing scarves makes any outfit much better. I can finally combine various colors and layer my clothes. Just wrapping a warm scarf around your neck gives you an instant feeling of coziness. The weather is not too cold, like during the winter, but just cold enough to make sense to wear a scarf.
Sound like perfect weather for me!

3. Hot tea

If you read my posts before, you already know that I love tea. Hot weather is not a reason to stop drinking tea at all but now it just fits even better. When the weather gets colder, it feels so good to have a warm drink to enjoy. You can even add a bit of meditation to your tea ritual with my Autumn Tea Meditation post.
Of course it can be also a hot choco or any other hot drink you might think about.

4. Autumn leaves

Oh, where do I start? There are dried leaves everywhere and they are crisp and colourful. You can walk through the leaves, you can jump in them and you can feel like a kid again.
I like collecting autumn leaves and just putting them in a vase, to give my home an autumn smell. Also bringing some colourful leaves in my home makes a great autumn decor.

5. Crisp air

I really enjoy the feeling of breathing the crisp air of the autumn. It feels like it purifies me from the inside and it makes me feel alive. Of course, this is the reason for which we can enjoy the hot drinks, scarves and warm clothes too.

6. Warm blankets

Snuggling on the couch with a hot drink wrapped in a warm blanket is a great way to spend an afternoon. If you add a scented candle and some nice music, the atmosphere is just perfect!
You can also grab your blanket and have a picnic outside amongst the beautiful leaves. Enjoy a glass of wine or why not some hot tea, next to some cheese and just admire the surroundings.

7. Cozy sweaters

You definitely don’t want to be cold now so you can take out of your closet all the cozy sweaters.
I love to feel warm and cozy wearing thicker clothes. And let’s not forget that we can hide our imperfections under them ! Although I know that we are all perfect and beautiful, no?
In the end this is the perfect sweater weather.

8. Beautiful colours

The nature is so beautiful and everywhere you look you will enjoy lovely colours. All the shades of orange, brown, green, red, yellow combined and mixed are just overwhelming.
I enjoy taking walks in the nature, just to admire how beautiful it is.

9. Autumn smell

While walking in the nature, you can feel the autumn smell. I love smelling the dried leaves, smoke, crisp air altogether. It just makes the perfect addition to the weather and the colors.

10. Fire place

I know that the fire place is more for winter but even now you can start using it if you have one. The entire home will feel more cosy and it will just create a lovely magical atmosphere.
If you are lucky enough to live somewhere where you can make a bonfire, that is a great way to spend an autumn evening as well.

What is your favourite thing about Autumn? Let me know in the comments down below.



10 reasons to love the colourful autumn - Gabriela Green -


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