Why is black tea good for you?

Why is black tea good for

As you might already know, I am definitely passionate about anything related to tea and tea drinking ritual. Although my favorite tea is green tea by far, compared to any other type, I certainly enjoy lots of other teas as well. Some great teas I like to to enjoy in the morning are: white, green, black tea or even herbal tea like peppermint.

These teas don’t only help you wake up in the morning but they also have lots of other extra benefits. Enjoying a lovely cup of black tea can be the morning moment you are looking forward to. Of course if you are sure that your doctor doesn’t recommend you otherwise, black tea has plenty of benefits for you.

Black Tea, also known as Chinese Red Tea, comes from the same plant as green, white and oolong tea. This plant is named Camelia Sinesis. The difference between these types of teas is their oxidation process.

It might be a bit confusing that a tea is referred to as black and red at the same time. This name difference, is due to the fact that the Chinese name refers to the red color of the tea, while Black tea refers to the color of the dried leaves. Outside China, you might also hear about rooibos tea referred to as Red Tea.

You will find below some of the benefits of black tea. Knowing them, will make you appreciate more every tea sip you take.

Black Tea (Chinese Red Tea) benefits:


Your heart will be stronger, as Chinese red tea is known to reduce the risk of stroke.


The amount of caffeine it contains will increase your blood flow and you will feel more energetic.


Due to the amount of antioxidants contained, this tea will improve your immune system, fight free radicals and protect you against chronic diseases.


Drinking this tea packed with antioxidants will also improve the appearance of your skin by increasing its elasticity and reducing wrinkles.


Black tea, together with green and oolong, help preventing cavities and reducing the plaque. Usually, tea drinkers have less problems with their teeth than other people.

Include black tea in your morning routine!

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How to prepare:

Easy! You just need hot water and you can put a teaspoon of Chinese red tea leaves in your mug. You pour the hot water on top of them, leave them for few minutes and you can enjoy it.

The best part when using good quality tea leaves, is that you can repeat these steps reusing the leaves. I am at the 3rd round of steeping now, but I have to admit that the taste is quite faded now.


I have a Chinese colleague, who told me that you can even chew the leaves after you finish drinking the tea. Apparently it helps relieving thirst and sweetens the breath.

To find our more health benefits of black tea, you can check this article.

Let me know in the comments down below if you like black tea. What is your favorite way to start your day?



Why is black tea good for you_ _

Why is black tea good for you_ _ Why is black tea good for you_ _ Why is black tea good for you_ _


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  • Lisa

    With green tea getting so much attention in the media, one would almost forget that black tea is in fact also super healthy. Excellent post that makes people aware!

    March 1, 2018 at 2:24 pm Reply
    • Gabriela Green

      Yes, green tea is the superstar of the teas nowadays 🙂
      Thank you for stopping by!

      March 1, 2018 at 6:28 pm Reply

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