Chocolate Refresh – A Tea Recipe To Refresh Your Day

Tea Recipe - Chocolate Refresh - Gabriela Green Blog -

Today’s tea recipe, Chocolate Refresh is a perfect tea for the moments when you want to give yourself a small treat. If you love chocolate(and who doesn’t?), you will also enjoy this tea. Chocolate Refresh will lift you mood and, as the name says, you feel refreshed and ready to conquer your day after drinking […]

How To Cook With Tea – 10 Delicious Recipes

COOKING WITH TEA - Great Recipes - Gabriela Green -

To be honest, I just recently read about cooking with tea and I thought: Is that a thing? What a great idea! I always have lots of tea types at home and sometimes I could use a bit of twist in my usual recipes. Well, apparently tea was the ingredient I didn’t know I was […]

How to make Golden Milk – The easiest recipe

How to make Golden Milk – The easiest recipe - Gabriela Green Blog -

Golden milk is known to be a strong anti-inflammatory drink thanks to its main ingredient: turmeric. It looks delicious and it is indeed because of all the great ingredients contained. Each ingredient makes it a powerful and natural way of fighting inflammations. There are different ways to prepare the golden milk and today I will […]