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Morning routine cheatsheet for a more productive life

Morning routine cheat sheet For a more productive year

Today I am sharing with you the main reasons for having a morning routine. I’ve put together a morning routine cheatsheet to quickly guide you with your routine and I also have a free step-by-step guide to a healthy morning routine.

We all have lots of plans and goals to achieve and we tend to have them always in the back of our mind. This makes us feel a bit overwhelmed and in time, all these ideas build up we just have too many thoughts at the same time and we lose focus. Having a big list of things to do can make us anxious. Our mind will be scattered amongst the various thoughts and guess what? You will not really accomplish any of them if you focus on too many at the same time.

Of course I understand that we all want to see our resolutions actually happening. But to get there we have to take action one way or another. One efficient way to start being more productive and sticking to your resolutions is to incorporate some of them into your morning routine.

free step by step guide to your healthy morning routine

When I started implementing a healthy morning routine, I clearly felt an improvement and it had a big impact on my life. Achieving plenty of things before 8 AM (or any time that suits you better) sets you up for a great day ahead. When you prep your mindset for a healthy and productive lifestyle from the first hour of the morning, you can certainly expect great results.

The good news is that implementing a morning routine is not difficult and you can start immediately. If you create a healthy morning routine for yourself and you follow it every day, you will start seeing results sooner than you expect. Having a routine will help you focus on what is important for you in your life.

The secret to improving your days is to allow yourself time for you in the morning. After you took care of yourself, you can conquer the day with calm and open mind. Create a morning routine to perfectly suit your needs and let it set the tone for your entire day.

To help you do this, I have put together a cheatsheet. This can be a great way of introducing your to morning routines. Get inspired by the items on the cheatsheet and start adding them to your routine.

If you want all of these into one place, to help and guide you with your morning routine you can  you can just grab my free step by step guide here. It contains lots of tips, a workbook and an extra cheatsheet

Morning Routine Cheatsheet for a more productive and healthy life

1. Plan ahead

This way you will not spend time thinking about what to do next. You have time and you don’t forget to include important things. To help you with this you can use the workbook from my free step-by-step guide to your healthy morning routine.

2. Do not snooze

3. Smile

4. Set up a goal for your day

5. Be mindful of your actions

6. Don’t multitask

7. Surround yourself with positivity

8. Focus on a long-term goal

Think about one big goal you want to achieve on a long term and plan to do something today which will help you achieve it

9. Don’t be afraid of change

You will modify your routine many times until you get to the one that suits you best.

10. Follow the routine and try to not get distracted

11. Make yourself a priority

Remember to start the day taking care of yourself first. After that you can devote time to all the other people in your life.

12. Meditate

Include meditation in your routine even if you never tried it before. Start with 5 minutes only and be consistent. You will slowly start seeing the benefits. The key is to find your motivation and to know what you will want to achieve by practicing meditation. Guided meditations can help you with this. If you want to combine the meditation with the ritual of drinking your morning tea you can get some inspiration from my tea meditations.

13. Empower

Find something that empowers you and try to apply it every morning. It can be reading few pages of a book, fresh air, running, listening to music or a podcast. Anything that will make you want to conquer that day is a great addition to your morning routine.

14. Find inspiration

read daily insightful quotes. You can find some inspiring quotes in my post 20 Powerful And Inspirational Quotes

15. Visualise

This is one important factor of the morning routine which can help you achieve your goals. Visualisation is a powerful technique where you imagine how you will feel when you successfully reach your goals.

free step by step guide to your healthy morning routine (1)
Of course, having a morning routine will not guarantee you will only have perfect days from now on. It is a long process and it will help you reshape the way you think and the way you feel and from what point of view you will see the stressful situations. It will also help you feel more optimistic overall, especially if you include any type of mindfulness in your routine.

Check my other post Morning Routine Healthy Habits To Improve Your Day for more inspiration for a healthy morning routine. Don’t forget about the free step by step guide to your healthy morning routine.

Morning Routine Cheatsheet for a more productive and healthy year_

Gabriela Green

Morning routine cheat sheet for a more productive year _
Morning routine cheat sheet for a more productive year _ Morning routine cheat sheet for a more productive year _ Morning routine cheatsheet for a more productive year_ Morning routine cheatsheet for a more productive year_


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