Perfect Gift Guide for a Mindful Life

Perfect Gift Guide for a Mindful Life (6)

After reading my gift guide from last week, you now have some ideas about what to get for the tea lovers in your life. Let’s see what gifts are ideal for your mindful friends and family. I have put together a gift guide for a mindful life. These gifts will make their holidays even more calm and peaceful.

We all struggle with daily stress so even if we don’t describe ourselves as mindful people, we could still use some moments to calm our minds. The below gifts are easy to use and include in your life. You will not even feel that you are slowly stepping towards mindfulness and transforming your life.

As I was saying, the holidays have an atmosphere full of calm and happiness and they create the perfect frame for mindful moments. Imagine yourself surrounded by the dear people you love next to a nicely decorated Christmas tree. It is a great moment to just let go, be happy and enjoy every second.

Here is a gift guide to help your dear friends embrace mindfulness every day. Let this special time of the year be the beginning of a more mindful year and life.

Gift Guide for a Mindful Life

1. Zen Garden Kit

Zen Garden Gift Guide for Mindful People

Working at the computer and sitting at your desk all day can be stressful for all of us. To help releasing stress, this Zen garden kit is a great tool and decor for your desk. It can also be a great way to introduce mindfulness to children. This kit contains Wooden Base, Sand, 2 Rakes, Incense Pot & Assortment Of Rocks. You can find various options of Zen gardens, depending on your preferences.

2. Meditation Coloring book

Mindfulness Coloring Book Gift Guide for a Mindful Life


Coloring books have been used lately for adults as well, as a mindfulness technique. It brings out our inner child and at the same time, it has the power to calm our busy minds. The variety of colors and shapes will also bring a smile on your face. Coloring each page will bring you to the present, in the moment and help you find balance and inner peace. Discover the art of mindfulness by coloring.

3. The teaching of Buddha

The Teaching of Buddha Gift Guide for a Mindful Life

For the moments when you want to immerse yourself in a book full of wise words and mindfulness, “The teaching of Buddha” can be a great option. It contains the essence of Buddha’s teachings which have been preserved for more than 2500 years. This book is meant to serve as spiritual food for anyone who reads it.

4. Incense set

Incense Burner Gift Set Gift Guide for a Mindful Life


Burning incense is my favorite way of giving a nice fragrance to my home. This incense burner is bigger than others and it is made of wood. The gift set includes also 20 incense sticks to enjoy. Of course, you can buy your favorite incense to use out of the multitude of scents out there. The most popular scent is sandalwood and it is typically used in Buddhist temples.

5. Mala beads

Mala Beads Buddha Gift Guide

Mala beads originate from India and they were introduced by Hinduism and Buddhism 3000 years ago. They are practically a string of 109 beads and they are used during the meditation practices. Using mala beads helps your mind stay focused during the meditation. These mala beads are made of rosewood, which helps with grounding and feeling more connected to the earth’s vibrations

6. Meditation stones

Meditation Stone Gift Guide for a Mindful Life

During the meditation sessions, there are many tools which can help focusing on the moment and calming your mind. These meditation stones have the power of keeping you grounded and they can also make a great decor for your meditation corner. Pick up the stone and hold it in your hand. Imagine your awareness spiraling down into the stone, feeling its energy.

7. Singing bowl cushion

Singing bowl cushion Gift Guide for a Mindful Life

Singing bowls are a symbol for meditation and Zen atmosphere. Having a singing bowl just makes the perfect atmosphere to introduce you to the moment of calm and awareness. These worthy instruments deserve a pillow, to treasure them for life. For the mindful people in your life which already own a singing bowl, this cushion can be a great gift.

8. The gift of mindfulness book

The gift of Mindfulness Gift Guide for a Mindful Life

This is a lovely little book, which can brighten your day and give you a mindful moment whenever you open it. I have it on my bookshelf and many times when I pass by I open it at a random page, read the page and allow it few minutes to settle in and fully absorb the wisdom. It is a quick way of getting back to the present moment and nurture your soul.

9. Healing Art Meditation

Healing Art Meditation Gift Guide for a Mindful Life

Another way of surprising your mindful friends can be something to decorate their home or maybe their meditation corner. This artwork has a hand-painted design and can be a good option for that. The blue chakra stones in the picture bring positive energy and good vibes.

10. You are loved mindfulness kit

You are loved mindfulness kit Gift Guide for a Mindful Life

Especially for the people who want to bring more mindfulness into their daily life, this kit is a great option. The kit contains one tin, 5 prints (Be kind to yourself, Breathe, Joy and thanks, I am strong and calm, You are loved), one notebook to capture moments of joy and thanks and one notebook to capture wishes and dreams. It is a cute way of inspiring, uplift and bring you back to the moment.

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Perfect Gift Guide for a Mindful Life

Gabriela Green

Perfect Gift Guide for a Mindful Life


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