Favourite tea of the month : Chinese Red Tea

Favorite tea of the month February | Chinese red tea | Gabriela Green blog |

This month was kind of difficult to pick the favourite one because I didn’t try any new type and I was just stuck into my tea routine. I felt like I needed something else, and today it happened!

A colleague brought at work some Chinese Red Tea. I tried it and I really enjoyed the taste. After that I went online , of course, to check what are its benefits.
I found out that Chinese Red Tea is actually what in Europe we call Black Tea. Although I could argue with that, because for me they taste different, but I will look more into that to understand if they are actually the same or not.
Few minutes later edit: Ok, maybe I just tried different versions of them because there are indeed many types of black tea – that would solve my dilemma.
Today , for sure I tried the Chinese one and I will tell you about its lovely benefits.

Chinese Red Tea benefits:

1. Heart

Your heart will be stronger, as Chinese red tea is known to reduce the risk of stroke.

2. Energy

The amount of caffeine it contains will increase your blood flow and you will feel more energetic.

3. Immunity

Due to the amount of antioxidants contained, this tea will improve your immune system, fight free radicals and protect you against chronic diseases.

4. Skin

Drinking this tea packed with antioxidants will also improve the appearance of your skin by increasing its elasticity and reducing wrinkles.

5. Teeth

Black tea, together with green and oolong, help preventing cavities and reducing the plaque. Usually, tea drinkers have less problems with their teeth than other people.
Favorite tea of the month February | Chinese red tea | Gabriela Green blog |

How to prepare:

Easy! You just need hot water and you can put a teaspoon of Chinese red tea leaves in your mug. You pour the hot water on top of them, leave them for few minutes and you can enjoy it. The best part is that you can repeat these steps reusing the leaves. I am at the 3rd round of steeping now, but I have to admit that the taste is quite faded now.
My colleague told me that you can even chew the leaves after you finish drinking the tea. Apparently it helps relieving thirst and sweetens the breath.

Have you tried Chinese red tea?



*photo credit: Paola_Camargo via photopin (license)

Favorite tea of the month February | Chinese red tea | Gabriela Green blog |

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