Tea Recipe For Boosting Your Immune System

Tea Recipe For Boosting Your Immune System www.gabriela.green

Winter and the low temperatures are here and our immune system has to be prepared to fight the cold and flu. To help you with that, I have a delicious tea recipe for boosting your immune system. The herbs contained in this tea recipe have lots of benefits which help boost your immunity. Boosting our immune […]

5 Healthy Herbal Teas for Christmas Time

Herbal Teas for Christmas Time www.gabriela.green

Winter and Christmas are getting closer and the holiday feeling is in the air. All the shops are prepared and decorated to welcome this lovely time of the year. To enhance the holiday spirit and to warm your body, I prepared a selection of herbal teas for Christmas time. Drinking tea is a great way […]

10+ Perfect Gift Ideas For Tea Lovers

10 Perfect Gifts For Tea Lovers and DIY ideas www.gabriela.green

The winter holidays are getting closer and you are probably already searching for gift ideas. For this, I have put together a guide containing gift ideas for tea lovers, to help you easily decide on what to surprise them with this year! Shopping for presents for my friends and looking for new gift ideas gets […]

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Rooibos Tea

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Rooibos Tea - Gabriela Green Blog - www.gabriela.green (1)

Rooibos tea originates from South Africa, from a plant called Aspalathus linearis. It grows only in the Cederberg region, 250km north from Cape Town. The dried leaves of this plant are aromatic and in South Africa they have been used as a medicine for a long time. Many of you might not be too familiar […]

Tea And Coffee Natural Skin Care Recipes

Tea And Coffee Natural Skin Care Recipes - Gabriela Green Blog - www.gabriela.green

Tea and coffee can be many times the topics which are creating disputes between the exclusive tea lovers and the coffee lovers. But this time there will be no dispute. We will talk about the benefits of both tea and coffee and how they can help us in our beauty routines. All the recipes will […]

Tea Blog Round-up

Tea Blog Round-up - Gabriela Green Blog - www.gabriela.green

I know it’s not the beginning of October anymore,  but I am starting today a tea blog round-up series, to share my favourite posts from my fellow tea bloggers.Because there are many tea bloggers out there that I admire and I enjoy reading their content, I thought that it would be nice to share their […]

Chocolate Refresh – A Tea Recipe To Refresh Your Day

Tea Recipe - Chocolate Refresh - Gabriela Green Blog - www.gabriela.green

Today’s tea recipe, Chocolate Refresh is a perfect tea for the moments when you want to give yourself a small treat. If you love chocolate(and who doesn’t?), you will also enjoy this tea. Chocolate Refresh will lift you mood and, as the name says, you feel refreshed and ready to conquer your day after drinking […]

How to make homemade herbal tea 

How to make homemade herbal tea - Gabriela Green - www.gabriela.green

Herbal tea is practically any tea you make from fresh or dried herbs. It doesn’t matter if you buy them already dried and mixed, or you mix them yourself or you even freshly pick them out in the nature. Making your herbal tea at home gives you the freedom to combine as many ingredients as […]