Tea Recipe – Sweet Calm

Tea Recipe Sweet Calm - Gabriela Green - www.gabriela.green

Today I will share with you a tea recipe which will offer you a sweet calming hug in a cup. Sounds already nice and warming, no? This tea recipe will be an easy to make one as long as you have all the ingredients at hand, especially loose leaves. For recipes like this one, I […]

17 small things that make you happy

17 small things that make you happy- Gabriela Green - www.gabriela.green

Do you remember when was the last time some small thing around you made you happy? Sometimes, letting your inner child manifest, can open up new perspectives. It makes you appreciate more the little things surrounding you. Because we are adults now, and we are not “allowed” anymore to just laugh out loud in the […]

What is Black Goji Berry tea

Black Goji Berry Tea Benefits | Gabriela Green | www.gabriela.green

Black Goji Berry tea, also known as Wolf Berry tea, seems to be trending between tea lovers lately. First time I’ve seen a picture with this tea, I thought it must be edited or something because I’ve never seen blue tea before. A while ago, Nicole from sinaeangift contacted me to ask if I would […]

5 Amazing benefits of Nettle Tea

5 amazing benefits of nettle tea | Gabriela Green | www.gabriela.green

Nettle tea can be a great boost for your body every spring, when your body needs a higher intake of vitamins and nutrients to recover from them wintertime. My mom was always telling me to take vitamins in the autumn and in the spring. I didn’t really know why she was telling me that, but […]