20 Powerful And Inspirational Quotes

20 Powerful and inspirational quotes www.gabriela.green

Another great year is here and a perfect way to kick-start it is to get inspired before making plans for it. You will find below a wonderful list of powerful and inspirational quotes to begin the New Year. If you want to introduce more mindfulness in your life, a great way to welcome the New Year […]

10 Reasons to Love the Colourful Autumn

10 reasons to love the colourful autumn - Gabriela Green Blog - www.gabriela.green

Autumn is a wonderful season and it is my favourite time of the year. The leaves are changing colours and the nature slowly looks like a magical world. Each season has its own beauty but autumn has that special something that touches my soul. Here are 10 reasons for which I love autumn so much! […]

17 small things that make you happy

17 small things that make you happy- Gabriela Green - www.gabriela.green

Do you remember when was the last time some small thing around you made you happy? Sometimes, letting your inner child manifest, can open up new perspectives. It makes you appreciate more the little things surrounding you. Because we are adults now, and we are not “allowed” anymore to just laugh out loud in the […]

How To Make More Time For Yourself

How to make more time for yourself featured - Gabriela Green - www.gabriela.green

Have you ever wondered what could you change in your day, to make you feel happier? We dive into our routines and we follow almost the same pattern every day, but what if we change it just a tiny bit? We have the power to do that for sure and still we don’t really. Especially […]

Yoga And Tea – What Do They Have In Common?

Yoga and Tea | Gabriela Green blog | www.gabriela.green

You probably wonder what is the correlation between yoga and tea. Well, in my case, I do enjoy them daily and they are a part of my routine. They are different things but somehow I see them in a similar way. Even if they sound like they are from total different stories, they actually go […]

Learn how to release your inner child


It is true that sometimes maybe you just want to ignore and not care about everything that is happening around you. You could just hide your face in your palms, open your eyes in the darkness and be happy with your solitude. Smile, take a deep breath and make all the weird faces you are […]