20 Powerful And Inspirational Quotes

20 Powerful and inspirational quotes www.gabriela.green

Another great year is here and a perfect way to kick-start it is to get inspired before making plans for it. You will find below a wonderful list of powerful and inspirational quotes to begin the New Year. If you want to introduce more mindfulness in your life, a great way to welcome the New Year […]

Tea Recipe For Boosting Your Immune System

Tea Recipe For Boosting Your Immune System www.gabriela.green

Winter and the low temperatures are here and our immune system has to be prepared to fight the cold and flu. To help you with that, I have a delicious tea recipe for boosting your immune system. The herbs contained in this tea recipe have lots of benefits which help boost your immunity. Boosting our immune […]

5 Healthy Herbal Teas for Christmas Time

Herbal Teas for Christmas Time www.gabriela.green

Winter and Christmas are getting closer and the holiday feeling is in the air. All the shops are prepared and decorated to welcome this lovely time of the year. To enhance the holiday spirit and to warm your body, I prepared a selection of herbal teas for Christmas time. Drinking tea is a great way […]

Perfect Gift Guide for a Mindful Life

Perfect Gift Guide for a Mindful Life www.gabriela.green (6)

After reading my gift guide from last week, you now have some ideas what to get for the tea lovers in your life. Let’s see what gifts are ideal for your mindful friends and family. I have put together a gift guide for a mindful life. These gifts will make their holidays even more calm […]

10+ Perfect Gift Ideas For Tea Lovers

10 Perfect Gifts For Tea Lovers and DIY ideas www.gabriela.green

The winter holidays are getting closer and you are probably already searching for gift ideas. For this, I have put together a guide containing gift ideas for tea lovers, to help you easily decide on what to surprise them with this year! Shopping for presents for my friends and looking for new gift ideas gets […]