Why is black tea good for you?

Why is black tea good for you_ www.gabriela.green

As you might already know, I am definitely passionate about anything related to tea and tea drinking ritual. Although my favorite tea is green tea by far, compared to any other type, I certainly enjoy lots of other teas as well. Some great teas I like to to enjoy in the morning are: white, green, black […]

How to calm your mind with mindfulness

How to calm your mind with mindfulness_ www.gabriela.green

In our everyday life, we often feel overwhelmed by the amount of thoughts running thought our mind. Learning how to calm your mind can prove to be quite challenging, especially when you are not sure how to do it. The power of mindfulness might surprise you when you will start to experience it. We often […]

What teas to prepare for when you are traveling

What teas to prepare for when you are traveling www.gabriela.green

Traveling is amazing and it always gives you new experiences and it is a great way to spend your time, learning something new almost everyday. But guess what? Traveling is also keeping you away from your tea collection you have at home, right? Well, I have some tips for you on how to create a […]

Tea meditation: how to be more balanced

Tea meditation_ how to be more balanced www.gabriela.green

Welcome to my tea meditation, which will show you how to be more balanced. This meditation will guide you to rediscover your inner strength and balance using elements from the nature. Your cup of tea will help you again reconnect your body and mind and create an even stronger bond than they had before. Tea […]

Tea review: Simon Lévelt Japanse Kers (Japanese cherry)

Tea review_ Simon Lévelt Japanse Kers (Japanese cherry) www.gabriela.green

Simon Levelt Japanse Kers (Japanese cherry) Ingredients: Organic green tea, natural flavor. Water Temperature: 85 degrees Celsius Steep Time: 4 minutes Supplier: Simon Levelt (website: http://simonleveltinternational.com)   About This Tea Founded in 1826, Simon Levelt has almost 200 years’ experience in blending fine quality teas. They are promoting fair trade and they even write about […]

20 Powerful And Inspirational Quotes

20 Powerful and inspirational quotes www.gabriela.green

Another great year is here and a perfect way to kick-start it is to get inspired before making plans for it. You will find below a wonderful list of powerful and inspirational quotes to begin the New Year. If you want to introduce more mindfulness in your life, a great way to welcome the New Year […]

Tea Recipe For Boosting Your Immune System

Tea Recipe For Boosting Your Immune System www.gabriela.green

Winter and the low temperatures are here and our immune system has to be prepared to fight the cold and flu. To help you with that, I have a delicious tea recipe for boosting your immune system. The herbs contained in this tea recipe have lots of benefits which help boost your immunity. Boosting our immune […]