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Sometimes in life, we need something or someone to remind us to let go of the daily troubles. We tend to get lost in various activities and issues. We might find ourselves overwhelmed by small problems just because we are spiralling towards problems and negativity. A mindfulness challenge is a great way to help with that!

Being more mindful in our lives brings more clarity to each moment. We become more aware and we are not affected by everything that happens to us anymore.

In this 30-day challenge you will challenge your awareness and you will become more mindful.

You can register for the challenge and you will get details by email for each day on how to do the challenge. From my emails, you will learn to integrate each mindful activity in your daily life and even apply some of them after the challenge is over.

If you want to be guided through your path towards mindfulness, you can register for the email challenge here. You will get a daily email for the next 30 days, which will help you stick to the challenge.

Your daily reminder will help you remember that your goal is to achieve more mindfulness by the end of these 30 days.

You can repeat the challenge as many times as you want. You can use the below calendar for keeping track of your days and to know what comes next.




1. Acknowledge everything that surrounds you

We often forget to pay attention to our surroundings.
Find few minutes to just stop and be aware. Acknowledge everything that surrounds you. Check how you feel right now.

2. Notice 3 things that you can hear

Just stop for few minutes in your day and notice 3 things you are hearing right now. Be aware of them, don’t judge them, just hear that they are there.

3. Practice deep breathing for 2 minutes

Deep breathing is a technique which can help you relax. Breathing exercises can act as a conscious way of directly influencing the parts of our body affected by stress.

4. 10 minutes walking meditation

Walking meditation gives you the option of walking and being active while you meditate. It is a great version for the people who find it too difficult to meditate and be still.

5. Think about 3 things you are grateful for before you go to sleep

Being grateful is a great way to be mindful. Choose 3 things you are grateful for, things that happened to you today.

6. Be aware of small things that make you happy

While we are busy “adulting” we are missing a lot of smiles. Enjoying and appreciate the small things, will make you more aware and more present in the moment. 

7. Try a short yin yoga session

Yin yoga guides you towards your inner self and it brings you closer to your own person. You learn to know yourself better and enhance your mental stability

8. Go outside

Leave your phone at home and take a walk outside. Don’t think too much about it…just do it 🙂

9. Enjoy the fresh morning air

The fresh morning air is really magical. You will start your day on the right foot if you just take some time in the morning for this.

10. Wake up 30 minutes earlier and do something that makes you happy

No matter what is it that you want to do for yourself, enjoy every minute. Be mindful and be happy.

11. Tea meditation

When you decide to make yourself a tea and you are heading towards your kettle, you already made the first step for achieving a bit of calm in your day. Try one of my tea meditations to help you relax.

12. Talk to a dear friend 

Sometimes we need to interact with people who understand us perfectly. It helps us feel more secure and calm, in a safe environment. We can express how we feel , we can listen to them talk and get rid of all the negative thoughts.

13. Read 10 pages of a book

If you are not already reading a book or having a bunch of books queued in your “to read” pile, you can pick one for today. There are many resources which can help you decide what you want to read.

14. Watch the sunset

A lovely way to finish your day is to watch how the sky is painted with lovely colours at the sunset.

15. Express how you feel

Don’t hold on to your feelings, express them and show how you feel. Let the people around know about your feelings.

16. Try to live in the present moment…remind yourself this throughout the day

Because even if we are not fully aware of it, the present moment is indeed the only one we have. everything happens in the NOW.

17. Act like a child 

It wouldn’t hurt if we would allow our inner kid to just get out and express all the childish ideas we hold so deep inside. Release your inner child!

18. Eat mindfully

We might tend to eat fast and not really paying attention to what we do. This affects our digestion and might make us feel sluggish and tired afterwards. Trying to eat mindfully will help your body and mind as well because you will also train your capacity to focus.

19. Notice what you can see

Being aware of the things around will make you tune in and get back to the present moment.

20. Watch the sunrise

Just because it is beautiful and it is a lovely way to start your day. It will bring you positive vibes and will put a smile on your face.

21. Go offline for one hour

If we are always connected online with our phones and gadgets we tend to forget how our mind works without them. so just try to turn them off and let your mind be free and listen to what you actually think.

22. Stretch

Your body also needs to be relaxed and calmed down. Stretches are great for increasing the flexibility and for making sure that we reduce the effects of our sedentary lives.

23. Notice 3 things that you can smell

Smell is one of our 5 senses. Aromatherapy can help us relax and it is an easy way to apply it at any time. Being aware of the smells around also brings you back to now.

24. Be patient

We often tend to be in a rush and to ask people around to hurry up. We live in the era of speed and this makes us forget to be patient. Chose to be patient with yourself or with someone else today.

25. Body scan

Getting to know and to notice your body helps you tune in. Being aware of every single part of your body can be a great meditation time as well.

26. Notice 3 things that you can feel

Analyse your feelings today. Get to know how you feel and be aware of the reason for each of the feelings.

27. Meditate for 5 minutes

Meditation is one of the best ways to become more mindful. Regular practice of meditation will keep your mind trained to focus easily.

28. Journal

Putting down on paper everything that happened to you today will help you see your life from a slightly different perspective. Looking back at what you write you can choose to let go of some things and embrace the good ones

29. Listen to a dharma 

Dharmas are a great way to find out new ideas from the wise Buddhists. There are so many out there on various topics.

30. Self face massage

Everybody enjoys being massaged, but you can also do it yourself. You can try a simple self face massage which will bring calm and balance.

Bringing more awareness and mindfulness to your life will help you shift your perspective about life and everything that surrounds you. You can consider this challenge as a good first step into this journey.

I hope you will enjoy this challenge and become more mindful! Let me know how it goes 🙂



30 day Mindfulness Challenge -

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