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17 small things that make you happy

17 small things that make you happy- Gabriela Green -

Do you remember when was the last time some small thing around you made you happy? Sometimes, letting your inner child manifest, can open up new perspectives. It makes you appreciate more the little things surrounding you.

Because we are adults now, and we are not “allowed” anymore to just laugh out loud in the middle of a busy street. While we are busy “adulting” we are missing a lot of smiles.

Have you ever watched how the ants carry their food when you were a kid? I was amazed by the fact that they are so well-organized and it seems difficult for them to get lost. I remember I was giving them bread crumbles and watching how they are gratefully taking each piece. It felt like I did a good thing for the day 🙂

I don’t remember when was the last time I did that. I must have been a very young curious child. The ants are still there, going on their path in search for food, but I just get too busy with other things. I don’t make time to just watch the small insects living their lives anymore.

Enjoying and appreciating the small things, will make you more aware and more present in the moment. Otherwise, you would not care about the little ants in the grass and you would just walk over them completely oblivious.

17 small things that make you happy- Gabriela Green -

Today, a very brave little bird came asking for some food while I was having my lunch. I shared some crumbles with it and watched how the bird was picking them one by one. There was a lovely couple next to me smiling with love watching the little hungry bird enjoying the food.

Similar to the little bird, there are many things happening around us everyday, things that can easily put a smile on our face if we manage to pay attention to them.

17 small things that make you happy

Here are few small things that surround your daily life, which  could brighten up your day:

  1. Fluffy clouds and their infinite different shapes
  2. Morning air and deep breathing
  3. Jumping around like a kid
  4. Smiling at a stranger
  5. Watching the sunrise/sunset
  6. Paying attention to how a plant looks like or a tree
  7. Enjoying the smell of freshly washed clothes
  8. Hugging someone
  9. Giving something to someone. It can even be a glass of water
  10. Listening to your favourite song
  11. Saying “Thank you” more often
  12. Looking into a child’s eyes
  13. Noticing someone happy
  14. Appreciating someone’s hairstyle or outfit
  15. Dancing in front of the mirror
  16. Singing in the shower
  17. Indulging with your favourite dessert

Let’s smile more and accept more positivity and happiness in our lives. Being negative and stressed doesn’t really make room for good things to come to you. Children are in their happy state by default. You should allow that state to come back to you now when you are an adult as well.

I am not suggesting to be childish, just embrace life with the curiosity of a 3-year-old.

Let’s break the gray pattern of our lives and minds. Let’s do more of what makes us happy! Let’s allow some color to invade our thoughts. Flowers would be so boring if they were all grey, don’t you think so?

Getting inspired from the nice things that surround us, from nature would bring a fresh vibe day by day.Take a moment and look around. Check how many things are grey or shades of grey right where you are now.

In my case there are too many : chairs, people dressed in dark colors, computers, the street, the cars on the street, the dust, the tall buildings far on the horizon, even me – I am dressed in gray today.

I believe in the color therapy and the fact that the colors can influence your mood. It makes sense if you think about it. Imagine yourself in a simple gray, dark and white room. It doesn’t bring you very happy feelings I guess.

What if the room had a colorful picture on the wall and through the window you see a bright green forest? Maybe some colorful books and a rug next to a couch and a green plant? Do you feel the positive vibe just imagining that?

We choose gray colors just because it is easy, but we are not aware of the fact that it affects our day. Living in a grey world makes it more difficult to find it natural to just smile. It creates a tension without even beginning to think about any problem we have

Be brave and colourful! Smile and inspire your soul to smile after you. Don’t get caught up in the grey world and don’t let your creativity and your inner child fade away. Keep them active, feed them every day.

Release your inner child, jump into a puddle! Let the small things make your day better.

What made you smile today?

17 small things that make you happy- Gabriela Green -




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