12 Calming Teas – How to relax with herbal tea

12 Calming teas How to relax with herbal tea

There are so many moments in life when we just need to calm our mind and relax. It can be a busy day, it can be just a time when your mind is filled with too many thoughts or it can be just a regular day in your life. It doesn’t really matter because you could use the benefits of these calming teas any time.

Many times when we want to calm our mind we might think about totally different ways to do it. I believe in the power of nature and one of the things it can help us with is to calm and relax our body and mind.

It can be through meditation, a walk in nature, breathing fresh air or just using the power and benefits of the herbs. There are various herbs for tea, which have multiple benefits.

This time we will talk about the calming effects of 12 herbal teas. Most of them can be purchased from any health store or teashop. Others can be a bit more difficult to buy. You can use any of the following herbal teas separately or you can combine them as you like.

12 calming teas

1. Chamomile

 Chamomile tea is a staple in my tea collection. I talked about it and about its benefits in one of my previous posts. It helps reduce stress and anxiety. It also helps with insomnia and promotes a good sleep. To read more about the benefits of chamomile tea you can check my post here: The magic of chamomile tea

2. Lemon Balm

Lemon balm gets its name due to its lemony scent and it has been used for centuries for its health benefits. Drinking lemon balm tea has a calming effect on the mind and it also helps inducing sleep. Studies have shown that lemon balm tea can improve the quality of sleep.

3. Linden

Linden tea is made of the flowers of the linden tree and it is also known as lime tea. This tea can help removing inflammation, detoxifies the body and it has many other benefits. It is mostly used for calming anxiety and mental stress as it has the power to induce a state of relaxation.

4. Valerian Root

Valerian root is often used in for its sedative and anti-anxiety effects. It also helps to calm the mind and it naturally improves the quality of sleep. Many prefer to use valerian root as a natural option to the sleeping pills.

5. Peppermint

Peppermint tea is not only great for your digestive and immune system. It also helps calming stress and anxiety due to the menthol contained. Drinking peppermint tea helps relieving mental stress and allows your mind to relax.

6. Rose

Rose petals or rose buds tea helps to lower your stress levels and calming your nervous system. As many of the other teas on this list, it also helps inducing sleep. On top of that, it also has a lovely scent!

7. Jasmine

Jasmine is another scented flower, which helps promoting mental relaxation. This tea can relief stress and help your mind unwind. Jasmine essential oil is also known for its calming properties and used in aromatherapy.

8. Lavender

Lavender is well known for it aroma and for promoting relaxation. Drinking lavender tea can help reducing anxiety, insomnia and depression. The hot tea will release the essential oils from lavender. Inhaling the vapours from your hot lavender tea will enhance its calming properties. Lavender tea is great to enjoy during a tea meditation.

Learn more about Tea Meditation:

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9. Liquorice Root

Liquorice root tea has a naturally sweet taste and it is well known for its calming properties. Drinking this tea can help reducing the cortisol levels, elevates your mood and keeps anxiety and stress away.

10. Orange

Orange blossoms tea and orange peel tea has first of all a delicious aroma. They help reducing anxiety and stress by releasing nervous tension. Drinking orange tea has uplifting and calming effects for your mind and body. You can read about many other benefits here: Orange and orange blossom

11. Fennel

Mostly known as a spice, fennel seeds can also be enjoyed as a tea. Fennel seeds are rich in vitamins and antioxidants and they also help relieving stress. You can read here more about the properties and benefits of fennel seeds: Fennel seeds and stress relief

12. Rooibos

Rooibos tea lowers stress-induced symptoms. As it is naturally calming, rooibos helps reducing the symptoms of stress. It contains compounds that can help to alleviate anxiety and stress by reducing the production of the stress hormone called cortisol. Read more about the benefits of rooibos tea here: 10 Amazing Benefits of Rooibos Tea


Make sure you check with your doctor before trying these teas, to make sure they do not interact with any of your medications.

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12 Calming Teas - How to relax with herbal tea_


Gabriela Green

12 Calming Teas - How to relax with herbal tea_
12 Calming Teas - How to relax with herbal tea_ 12 Calming Teas - How to relax with herbal tea_ 12 Calming Teas - How to relax with herbal tea_ 12 Calming Teas - How to relax with herbal tea_ 12 Calming Teas - How to relax with herbal tea_ 12 Calming Teas - How to relax with herbal tea_


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    Excellent! This is a great and informative article. Thanks for the list of reminders; so often do I go for a white tea or chamomile when trying to relax, but your list reminds me that I can reach in my tea cabinet for these others also.

    January 18, 2018 at 6:32 am Reply
    • Gabriela Green

      Hey Gabie, I am happy that you find my list of calming teas useful! So many times I forget what teas are hidden in my cabinet because it is full 😉

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