10+ Perfect Gift Ideas For Tea Lovers

10 Perfect Gifts For Tea Lovers and DIY ideas

The winter holidays are getting closer and you are probably already searching for gift ideas. For this, I have put together a guide containing gift ideas for tea lovers, to help you easily decide on what to surprise them with this year! Shopping for presents for my friends and looking for new gift ideas gets me excited about this time of the year.

Being a tea lover myself, all the products I included here are on my wish list as well or even bought them already.
If you are looking for great ideas for your friends who love tea, you are in the right place as the list below contains very cute and practical products for them.

No, it is not too early to buy them gifts. You don’t want to be in a rush when you decide what to get and also let’s not forget about the delivery delays that happen when it gets closer to Christmas.

I tried my best to include a variety of gifts, to help you find a great gift for every person in your life who loves tea. Enjoy!

Gift Guide For Tea Lovers

1. Tea Scented Candle

green-tea-candle Gift Ideas For Tea Lovers
Scented candles are always a great gift as they are perfect for decoration and they also smell amazing. Having a tea scented candle in your home to warm up the atmosphere goes perfectly with the Christmas lights. It creates a calm and warm atmosphere with a lovely tea smell! This green tea soy candle has also a cute and playful packaging.

2. Chocolate With Matcha Green Tea

Matcha Green Tea Chocolate Gift Ideas For Tea Lovers
Matcha is a special and powerful tea and full of benefits and flavour. Chocolate with matcha green tea can be a perfect sweet gift for a tea lover as it brings together chocolate and green tea. You can find various types of matcha chocolate. Putting it together with a colorful tea-cup can make a lovely gift.

3. Tea Leaf Reading Kit

Tea Leaf Reading Kit Gift Ideas For Tea Lovers
This little tea leaf reading kit made me curious when I first saw it. It contains everything you need to put together a session of ancient Chinese traditional tea leaf reading. It sounds like a fun activity for tea lovers. The leaf reading kit contains instructions, a symbol dictionary, loose tea leaves and a tea-cup.

4. Tea Pet

Meditating Buddha Tea Pet Gift Ideas For Tea Lovers

Did you know that the tea ceremony can also include a tea pet? I recently found out about this. It is usually a clay figurine, shaped as a Chinese zodiac animal or a mythical creature. During the tea ceremony, the tea pet is placed on the tea-tray and fed with the leftover tea which is poured on top of it. It can be a great companion during one of my tea meditations.

5. Garden Tea-cup

Garden Tea Cup Gift Ideas For Tea Lovers
I am sure of the fact that all the tea lovers out there have lots of mugs and tea cups to enjoy their tea ceremony. But tea cups are never too many, right? Especially if they have a unique design. I found this garden tea-cup which has very playful colors and it just inspires happiness.
And I found another colorful and playful tea mug which can be a great alternative.

But First Tea Gift Ideas For Tea Lovers

6. Floral Bath Tea for Stress Relief

Floral Bath Tea Gift Ideas For Tea Lovers

Tea cannot only be steeped in your tea-cup or tea-pot but also in the bath tub! It is a great natural way to relax and calm your mind and body. I found these lovely floral bath tea bags and they contain: dried hibiscus flowers, dried rose petals, dried lavender flowers, dried peppermint leaf, geranium essential oil, lavender essential oil, blood Orange Essential oil, all packed up in a Muslin Tea Bag.
This is a great mix for making your bath the ultimate in relaxation and stress-relief experience.

7. Brewdini Gravity Steeper

brewdini gravity steeper Gift Ideas For Tea Lovers

This innovative steeper from Bluebird caught my attention. They describe it as a hassle-free way of brewing loose leaf tea, which sound like the perfect scenario for enjoying your favourite tea. I drink a lot of tea at the office and using a regular strainer can be quite messy, especially because I am far away from the sink. I think this Gravity steeper can be a great solution for enjoying my cup of tea at my desk, without having to reach for the tea bags alternative.

8. Cute Tea Steeper

Rawr Tea Steeper Gift Ideas For Tea Lovers

I couldn’t resist adding this cute steeper to the gift guide. It has a dinosaur shape and it can be a great companion while you are enjoying your cup of tea. The dinosaur tea steeper is holding a stainless steel mesh ball in his mouth to hold your loose leaf tea. This handmade gift is made of  wood and  stainless steel.

9. Jane Austen Tea Gift Set

Jane Austen Tea Gift Set Gift Ideas For Tea Lovers
For the tea lovers who enjoy reading books, this Jane Austen tea gift set can be a great option. The set contains 8, 12 or 24 teabags individually packaged. The tea bags have pretty vintage styles and Victorian-inspired designs, each has a quote or reference to one of the novelist’s literary masterpieces.

10. Cup Cozy

Knitted Cozy Cup Gift Ideas For Tea Lovers

With the cold season approaching or already here in some parts of the world, we all want to feel warm and cozy. Why not dress up your tea mug as well? These cute mug sleeves are a great way of transforming your tea mug into a hand warmer, without the part when you are burning your hands 🙂

DIY Gift Ideas For Tea Lovers

To add to the above list, in case you are a creative person and you want to share your love by making something handmade, here are few more ideas:

1. The Tea Tin Clock

Tea-Tin-Clock-DIY-13-3 Gift Ideas For Tea Lovers


A great way of using empty tea tins is transforming them it into clocks! I loved this idea from Bonnie as it is so easy to make and they look very cute. You can follow her steps on how to create such a lovely gift and who knows, maybe you will not want to give it away anymore after you finish it because they are too pretty!

2. Tea Cup Pattern

tea-cup-amigurumi-pattern Gift Ideas For Tea Lovers

Doesn’t this little crocheted tea-cup put an instant smile on your face? If you like crocheting, here you can find the free pattern for it and a list with all the materials that you need. I think I might ask my mom to make this for me as a Christmas present. I can’t stop looking at that cute smile!

3. Christmas tree with tea bags

christmas-tea-trees Gift Ideas For Tea Lovers
Another idea from Bonnie is this easy to make Christmas tree for tea lovers. It is a great decoration for an office desk, having all the tea bags displayed in front of you. I am sure that you can be sneaky and start using them without actually affecting the look of this cute Christmas tea tree.

4. DIY Crochet Mug Cozy

mug_cozy_hygge1_square Gift Ideas For Tea Lovers

And my last idea for the creative people out there is a DIY mug sleeve. You can combine your favourite colors and make them into a cute patter to cover your tea mug and let it warm your cold hands during the cold days. I am curious what creations you can come up with!

Next week I will share my gift guide for the mindful people in your life! Don’t miss it 😉

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10 Perfect Gifts For Tea Lovers and DIY ideas

Gabriela Green

10 Perfect Gifts For Tea Lovers and DIY ideas


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  • Kanicia Cognard

    You have some wonderful gift ideas! I really like the dark chocolate with matcha and the Jane Austen tea collection, she’s one of my favorite authors and I’d love that one!

    November 23, 2017 at 2:40 pm Reply
    • Gabriela Green

      I am happy you like the gift ideas, thank you for stopping by, Kanicia!

      November 23, 2017 at 4:20 pm Reply

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